Monday 18 December 2023

MJI Holds End of Year Tour to Explore the Beauty of South Sulawesi


Mercedes Jip Indonesia (MJI) has just held a long touring with the theme ‘MJI Tour de Celebes 2023’ which was attended by 23 Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles with dozens of members.

On this touring trip, MJI chose South Sulawesi as a destination to explore the beauty of the island.

Not only that, the members also hold various activities such as off-roading and of course social service (baksos). In this social service, MJI provided various basic food ingredients, building materials for mosques and Al-Qur’an for the Malino and Kete Kesu areas.

Mercedes Jeep Indonesia Community (MJI) Holds End of Year Touring. (Photo: MJI) Cokorda Putra Adnyana as President of MJI said, this is MJI’s 10th long touring since it was first held in 2014.

“Actually, MJI has a very busy agenda. “Because it’s not just long touring, because in one year we also have social service touring activities, and twice a year, we also hold camping activities,” said the man who is familiarly called Cok Nana, Monday (18/12/2023).

Cok Nana added that this long touring could be said to be the toughest compared to previous ones. Where for the first time the members explored the island of South Sulawesi and were often treated to heavy rain during the trip.

“But for the members, that is one of the stories of every touring activity. “Apart from that, the euphoria and preparation that had been building since the previous two weeks, made it possible to overcome the obstacles well,” said Cok Nana.

Meanwhile, Doddy Kolopaking, one of MJI’s new members, revealed that he was initially interested in joining MJI because he saw several social media posts and coverage of their activities which were very interesting and useful.

“MJI is a very well organized automotive club. “And the reception from all members was so warm,” said Doddy.

For your information, apart from enjoying natural beauty and traveling to several historical places in South Sulawesi, the ‘MJI Tour de Celebes 2023’ is also accompanied by several other activities, such as off-roading and social services in the Malino and Kete Kesu areas.

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