Monday 18 December 2023

Weather changes are starting to occur, pay attention to the Christmas holidays using private vehicles


The excitement of traveling by private car is right before your eyes. Technical preparations for the vehicle, driver and passengers have been prepared, now check the conditions on the trip.

One of the factors outside the technical condition of the vehicle is the road situation and weather.

Lastly, currently the weather in various parts of the country is starting to change. That is, gradually entering the rainy season.

Inspector General of Police Sandi Nugroho, Head of the National Police’s Public Relations Division, echoed this sentiment. He stated that the weather was changing as the rainy season entered.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, the National Police prepared the Nusa Safe Operations Contingency Task Force as a preparedness effort in the event of a natural disaster.

“Of course the National Police also has the task of securing the series of services for Christians who carry out a series of Christmas services,” he continued.

Density of vehicles passing along Jalan Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6/2023). As an illustration [/ Alfian Winanto] For this reason, the National Police has prepared traffic engineering during the Christmas and New Year 2024 holidays to ensure the smooth flow of community traffic.

There are also other services for the community from the National Police, namely providing parking facilities at police stations for homecoming travelers. will entrust their vehicles. 

Of course, people are also advised to maintain safety during homecoming trips and New Year’s celebrations.

Apart from that, on New Year’s Eve, people will carry out many activities in crowded places, such as shopping centers and entertainment centers.

NCCP Polri has prepared extra security at community gathering points to create a sense of security for people who want to celebrate Christmas or celebrate New Year.

As instructed by the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, that security for Christmas and New Year 2024 will be carried out in a different atmosphere this time. Because, at the same time as the 2024 Election stages.

The National Police Chief advised that the entire community must still work together to prioritize unity and unity, even though differences exist between all. However, the National Police, TNI and related stakeholders ensure that security preparations for Christmas and New Year 2024 as well as the election stages run well.

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