Tuesday 26 December 2023

BCL Smiles When Revealing the Reason for Not Inviting Denny Sumargo to the Wedding: He`s Really Busy


The wedding of Bunga Citra Lestari and Tiko Pradipta Aryawardhana which was held on December 2 2023 is still a hot topic of conversation among the public.

Of the number of fellow artists who were invited, apparently the singer who is more familiarly known as BCL did not invite artist and basketball player Denny Sumargo.

He joked about not inviting him because he knew how busy the 1981-born actor was. This statement was made by BCL when meeting with Denny Sumargo.

As seen through the upload of Olivia Allan’s husband’s TikTok account, the moment of the meeting between BCL, Tiko Aryawardhana and Denny Sumargo can be seen.

Denny Sumargo was seen greeting BCL and those who had just come to his basketball court. While cipika-cipiki, the arrogant basketball player congratulated BCL who had just got married.

“Congratulations. Congratulations, I was one of those people who was surprised because it turned out he was a basketball player. First of all, congratulations to Tiko and BCL who just got married,” said Denny, quoted from his TikTok account, Wednesday (26/12/2023).

After congratulating the new couple, cameraman Denny Sumargo suddenly asked whether the boss had been invited to BCL and Tiko Aryawardhana’s wedding party.

Olivia Allan’s husband then bluntly admitted that he was not invited by the singer of the song Kecewa.

“You weren’t invited to his wedding?” asked the cameraman.

“Yeah, no, it’s not that close,” said Denny.

Hearing Denny Sumargo’s words, BCL then responded. He admitted that he did not invite Denny Sumargo because he knew that the Makassar-born man had a busy schedule.

“I wanted to invite him, but he couldn’t. He’s really busy,” joked BCL.

Denny Sumargo then replied that BCL’s words were just an excuse.

“Ah your diplomacy,” replied Denny.

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