Tuesday 26 December 2023

Starrisya Andhita`s Youth OOTD, Deputy Chief of Police Agus Andrianto`s Son, Could Be an Inspiration for Participating in Model Auditions


Celebrities’ fashion styles are often an inspiration for looking for OOTD ideas. However, it’s best not to just copy the OOTDs of artists who are older than you, OK? Look for inspiration from those who are the same age or not too far apart. For teenagers, for example, you can copy the OOTD from Starrisya Andhita, the second daughter of Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General Pol Agus Andrianto, who is currently in the spotlight.

16 years old, Starrisya Andhita is a celebrity who started her career from the Cover Girl selection event. It’s no wonder that his style in front of the camera looks so flexible and cool.

So, for those of you who want to find inspiration for your everyday style, or prepare model audition photos, you can copy Starrisya’s style, which has tens of thousands of followers on her social media.

The following is a summary of Starrisya-style OOTD ideas that can be an inspiration.

1. Combination of sweater and denim

Starrisya Andhita (instagram/starrisyaaaa) For a closed look, Starrisya wore a long-sleeved sweater with a v-neck collar combined with denim trousers. He chose a body-fitting sweater with a hip length. The combination of these outfits forms a slim silhouette on her body.

2. Kebaya and songket

Starrisya Andhita, Son of Deputy Chief of Police Agus Andrianto (Instagram/starrisyaaaa) When attending a formal event, Starrisya looked elegant by wearing a modern kebaya and songket cloth. He wore a blue kebaya and silver songket. Her hair is also rolled back with light, natural make-up typical of teenagers.

3. Casually combine tank tops and shirts

Starrisya Andhita’s Teen OOTD style. (Instagram/@starrisyaaaa) Starrisya’s simple but stylish look never fails even though she only wears a white tank top covered with a light blue shirt as an outer. He combined the top with white straight cut trousers and matching shoes. He wore this outfit while watching the F1 race in Mandalika, Lombok.

4. Short-sleeved shirt and denim pants

Starrisya Andhita’s Teen OOTD style. (Instagram/@starrisyaaaa) Short-sleeved shirts and long denim trousers are basic everyday fashion. But to make it more stylish, Starrisya only tucked the front of her shirt into her trousers, while leaving the sides and back messy.

5. Scarft for accessories

Starrisya Andhita style Teen OOTD. (Instagram/@starrisyaaaa) Accessories are a part that Starrisya doesn’t forget. When wearing a sleeveless dress, she adds a patterned scarf to the shoulder area which is then attached to the front of the chest. This combination is successful in making the appearance less monotonous even if you only wear a plain dress.

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