Tuesday 26 December 2023

Nagita Slavina`s outfit reaches tens of millions, even though she only wears jeans and a striped blouse


Nagita Slavina’s appearance in various activities has never been out of the public spotlight. This was no exception when Raffi Ahmad’s wife came to the Vice Presidential Debate.

As seen through the Instagram upload @/raffinagita_1717, you can see the moment when the mother of two took a photo with Selvi Ananda, Citra Kirana and Arumi Bachsin.

Appearing different from his three fellow supporters of presidential and vice presidential candidate number 2, Rieta Amalia’s daughter was seen wearing a blue blouse with a striped motif.

The shirt is combined with dark blue jeans and white sandals. Even though he only wears a simple outfit, the price of the clothes he wears is no joke.

Quoting from the Instagram account upload @/fanpage_nagitaslavina on Wednesday (26/12/2023), the price of the trousers worn by Nagita Slavina reached IDR 25.5 million.

These jeans are from the well-known fashion brand Dior. Meanwhile, it is known that Rafathar Malik Ahmad’s mother’s blouse is priced at IDR 3.6 million.

“#NagitaSlavina wearing @dior ‘Flared Jeans’ from dior.com €1,500 / 25,500,000 IDR,” the Instagram account said.

Meanwhile, the shirt worn by Nagita Slavina is known to be a product of Peggy Hartanto with the name Pastel Blue Stripes Boojum Top.

Knowing that Nagita Slavina’s outfit costs tens of millions, many netizens were stunned.

“It turns out it’s Dior, it’s sad. It’s okay if I can’t afford the Dior brand,” commented netizens.

“Takbir together,” said another netizen.

“Hey, what is this? I thought it was Rp. 2.5 million but it was Rp. 25 million,” added another.

“Is there a low budget version of this? I really like it,” said another netizen.

“MasyaAllah, Mama Gigi, that price is equivalent to almost 2 months’ salary, my goodness,” commented another netizen.

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