Thursday 28 December 2023

Broken Car Clutch? Here`s How to Find Out


Car problems, such as a stalled clutch, can occur without warning. For those without in-depth knowledge of engines, identifying this problem may seem difficult.

Detecting these symptoms can help you identify damage to the manual car clutch.

However, you can do several simple tricks to detect car clutch damage, quoted from the official Suzuki website.

1. Check the Handbrake and Clutch

– Start the engine and make sure the handbrake is locked to prevent the car from jumping when put into gear. slowly. – If the engine is still running, it is possible that the clutch lining is thin and needs to be replaced.

2. Pay attention to symptoms of clutch failure

– The clutch pedal feels harder and the car only moves when the pedal is lifted. Uneven flywheel. – Strange sounds such as “clacking” or roughness when the clutch pedal is lifted. – Annoying bearing whirring when the pedal is not pressed, possibly caused by the lubricant in the release bearing drying out.

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