Thursday 28 December 2023

What fuel is suitable for Daihatsu Sigra?


Daihatsu Sigra, one of Daihatsu’s flagship cars, has attracted the attention of many consumers in Indonesia, especially LCGC MPV fans.

The main advantage is high fuel efficiency. However, choosing the right fuel is a crucial factor in maintaining car performance and reliability.

According to the official Daihatsu website, these are the types of fuel that are suitable for the Daihatsu Sigra.

1. Pertamax: Choice with High Octane

Daihatsu Sigra, with its small capacity engine and VVT-1 technology, requires high quality fuel. Pertamax, with a minimum octane of 92, is recommended for Sigra. High octane helps combustion more completely and maintains engine performance.

2. Shell Super: DYNAFLEX Technology for Engine Protection

Shell Super, with RON 92, is similar to Pertamax and is suitable for cars with 11.5:1 compression such as the Sigra. Equipped with DYNAFLEX technology, this fuel cleans and protects the engine from residue, increases efficiency and provides comfort during travel.

3. BP 92: Easy Pull and Engine Durability

BP 92 fuel, developed by British Protelium, is suitable for the Daihatsu Sigra with 11.5:1 compression. The BP 92 is known for its light pull, contributing to better engine durability and more efficient fuel use.

By choosing the appropriate fuel, you not only maintain optimal Sigra performance but also increase fuel efficiency and engine durability. Choices such as Pertamax, Shell Super, or BP 92 provide the right solution for an efficient and reliable Daihatsu Sigra.

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