Thursday 21 December 2023

Classy Yamaha x Mole Lalats Holds Sunmori Marks Anniversary


On Jalan Braga, Bandung, between a row of restaurants and beautiful coffee and tea places, you can see a place with another name: Tahi Lalats. The driving force is none other than a comedy strip comic known as Moles.

Well, some time ago, Classy Yamaha collaborated with Tahi Lalats for an event entitled Color Up Your Holiday.

Quoted from the official Yamaha Indonesia release as received by , this collaboration is expressed in the form of digital comic entertainment on social media and Sunday Morning Ride (Sunmori) activities.

The riding activities packaged in the Classy Yamaha Holiday event series express the cheerful and classy character of riding a Classy Yamaha motorbike.

The event which was held on December 17 2023 at the Braga Mole Shop, Bandung was enlivened by the Classy Yamaha community.

Exciting activities of participants with Indonesian comic artist, Tahi Lalats at the Sunmori Classy Yamaha event [PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing] This community consists of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected and Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected motorbike users.

“Adapting to the development of today’s young people’s lifestyles, Yamaha is actively collaborating to get closer to consumers. “And at the end of this year, Yamaha invites the Classy Yamaha community to spend their holidays with the Classy Yamaha Holiday event,” explained Antonius Widiantoro, Assistant General Manager Marketing of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

According to him, with collaborative activities containing a series of interesting and different positive activities, it is hoped that Yamaha can get closer to consumers. At the same time strengthening the character of Classy Yamaha products.

“Apart from that, participants who are members of the Classy Yamaha community are expected to be able to share positive experiences when riding the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected and Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected with consumers throughout Indonesia,” continued Antonius Widiantoro.

Together with Classy Yamaha products which answer the lifestyle needs of motorbike users by prioritizing appearance and practicality.

So Yamaha unites consumers through the Classy Yamaha Holiday activity which took place last weekend.

A total of 40 participants from the Filano Owner Indonesia community and the Fazzio Owner Club Indonesia took part in the event which opened with a city tour with a route starting from FSS Bandung to the Tahi Lalats Shop.

Sunmori with a happy riding feel is supported by a 125 cc Blue Core Hybrid engine from the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected and Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected, making performance more powerful.

A more ergonomic design and wider seat makes the rider more comfortable when riding.

Upon arrival at their destination, while eating a typical breakfast from the Mole Shop, participants were invited to enjoy various interesting things.

Like the Patches Experience where participants from Classy Yamaha were the first guests to try a new experience at the Tahi Lalats shop on the occasion of this shop’s one year anniversary.

With the Classy Yamaha theme, participants were asked to choose several patches with special Yamaha Fazzio designs and attach them to the drawstring bags provided.

“Happy to be able to take part in this event, I ride the Filano because the design is unique, different from the others, eye catching when driven on the road. The event is also really cool, exciting and super fun because there are lots of interesting events, cool places, and delicious food,” commented Riki, one of the members of Filano Owner Bandung.

“Like the patch experience activity, it was fun, we got cute, unique and limited tote bags. “Anyway, it’s extraordinary and we are waiting for the next event,” he added.

Further reflecting the character of Classy Yamaha products as fashionable, classy and stylish scooter trendsetters, all participants can immortalize the fun moments of the day through Classy Photobox with a luxurious feel supported by a stylish style according to the character of each participant.

This entire series of events supports creativity in accordance with the character of Classy Yamaha products, especially the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected as a white canvas synonymous with something exciting, creative and colorful according to the character of today’s young people.

 “The event was very satisfying, being able to share information between Classy Yamaha users, especially Fazzio users, became even more solid. Then the Classy photobox also makes it even more exciting to capture moments together. “Really cool,” added Faizal, one of the members of the Fazzio Owner Club Bandung.

The excitement of this collaboration between a motorbike manufacturer and one of Indonesia’s comic artists shows that young tastes can be expressed in interesting togetherness.

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