Saturday 16 December 2023

Classy Yamaha Youth Festival 2023 Completed, Bali Island Becomes Final Location for Multi Talent High School Student Competition


Classy Yamaha Youth Festival 2023 is an event organized by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) for high school students to show off their skills in the fields of arts, sports and academics. This activity took place in Makassar, Jakarta, Bandung and Medan. Then the final series takes place on the island of Bali.

Quoted from the official release of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (PT YIMM) as received by , the last Classy Yamaha Youth Festival took place in Denpasar City, Bali. The implementation is like in previous cities, including roadshows and school competitions.

In Denpasar, the event was held 8-10 December, at the location of Gelora Olah Raga or GOR I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Of course, it is equipped with a show of two Classy Yamaha flagships, namely the Yamaha Grand Filano HybridConnected and the Yamaha Fazzio HybridConnected.

Ghea Indrawari’s appearance at the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival 2023 in Bali [PT YIMM]. These two products are the favorite motorbikes chosen by young people who want to look different. Both are equipped with up to date features such as the Blue Core Hybrid engine for more powerful, environmentally friendly and reliable driving. There is also a Smart Key System feature which makes the appearance of this motorbike user even more classy and stylish.

Not to be left behind are the attractive color choices that suit the user’s character, such as the elegant color variant for the Lux Version and appearing active with the Neo Version color.

Even better, these two superior products for teenagers from Yamaha are equipped with a five year guarantee. The guarantee covers the frame, FI & Engine components (DiASil Cylinder & Forged Piston). This equipment is Yamaha’s commitment to guaranteeing product quality. This commitment also makes Yamaha the first automotive brand in Indonesia that is able to provide the longest warranty period.

“Classy Yamaha’s line up, namely Grand Filano and Fazzio, is currently quite popular with young people in Bali, especially in Denpasar City. “With a stylish and modern appearance, the color choices we offer are also able to make this motorbike have its own appeal for young people,” said Andreas Tjahjadi as Chief Yamaha DDS Bali.

“Therefore, in this Classy Yamaha Youth Festival we are giving “an opportunity for the younger generation to be able to channel their talents and hobbies, as well as strengthen ties with the Yamaha brand and Classy Yamaha products which are in line with the character of today’s young people,” he continued.

For the 2023 Classy Yamaha Youth Festival in Bali, the event began with The Classy Yamaha Youth Festival Roadshow is the first stage of a series of events. There are at least eight schools participating, namely eight selected high schools. Consisting of Tunas Daud High School, Denpasar 9 High School, Denpasar 8 High School, Denpasar 7 High School, Denpasar 6 High School, Denpasar 3 High School, SMA 5 Denpasar, as well as SMAN 1 Kuta.

After that, the School Competition held Miss Classy selection, Content Creation Challenge, basketball, dance, futsal, best supporter, food bazaar, and fun basketball games with influencers. This event was also enlivened by two well-known influencers, namely Danella Ilene who has an alumnus background in Indonesia Next Top Model and Cindy Kiranti. Apart from that, there are also professional basketball players, namely Jerikho Tuasela, Surliyadin, and Abraham Wenas. The event closed with Ghea Indrawari’s performance.

“Today’s event was really good, we were able to sing in front of our friends and seniors too. “It’s also a mental and self-confidence test,” commented Made Anina Rahel Natalin, one of the students at SMAN 3 Denpasar.

She appreciates the presence of the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival 2023. According to her, through this event they can show their talents and hone their mental abilities.

Hopefully Yamaha Indonesia continues to consistently package exciting events for young people such as the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival 2023.

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