Saturday 16 December 2023

So you don`t get hurt when driving, get to know the 3 safety features on motorbikes


Accidents involving motorbikes still occur frequently in several areas. Inevitably, motorbike manufacturers are now starting to incorporate several safety features to reduce the number of accidents that occur on the road.

Moreover, as times progress, technology for safety features on motorbikes is also becoming more sophisticated. Several motorbike manufacturers are also competing to innovate to create safety features.

There are at least three safety features that are often found on motorbikes. Here are 3 safety features on motorbikes reported from various sources.

1. Parking Brake Lock

Parking Brake Lock (federaloil) This feature is usually seen on the handbrake on automatic motorbikes. Its function is almost similar to the handbrake on a car.

How it works is by pulling the rear brake lever on the motorbike, then pulling the small lever in front of the brake lever.

With this feature, we don’t need to worry when driving and traffic jams occur on quite extreme terrain, such as on downhill or uphill roads.

2. Side Stand Switch

Side Stand Switch (AHM) This feature is found on the side stand of the motorbike. The way it works is by selecting the ignition system. So the motorbike will not be able to start when the side stand is lowered. To be able to start the motorbike, the side stand must be raised again.

3. Secure Key Shutter

This feature can be called an anti-theft feature. The reason is, the existence of this feature makes it difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.

This feature is installed on the motorbike key contact with a magnetic cover and manual closing lever. This magnetic cover can only be opened with the key attached and attached to the master key.

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