Friday 22 December 2023

Consider the following 4 things before removing a permanent tattoo: Is it really painful?


The only way to remove permanent tattoos is by using a laser. But many are worried that the skin will be damaged after removing the tattoo. Is it true?

Skin and Venereology Specialist at Proderma Draha Center dr. Angeline Dewi, Sp.KK said that permanent tattoos are done by inserting pigmentation or dye into the skin. The dye in permanent tattoos cannot be removed by any means other than laser. In fact, when changing the color of a tattoo such as eyebrow embroidery from black to brown, you must first undergo tattoo removal.

“You have to use a laser, you can’t use any tool other than a laser. For example, if we have an eyebrow tattoo, people are bored with the black color, so we remove it first. Well, after that we retouch it again,” said Dr. . Angeline through information received, Friday (22/12/2023).

This experienced doctor in the field of aesthetics also admits that the tattoo process is an act of damaging the skin, even the texture of the skin also changes. So it’s not only the process of removing a permanent tattoo, the ink applied to the skin can also trigger allergies in a person, causing redness and itching.

“One person (getting a tattoo) didn’t have a problem with the ink, but how come one person had a problem. That’s because this patient has sensitive skin, has a tendency to be allergic, which we often know as atopic skin,” said Dr. Angeline.

Before deciding to remove a permanent tattoo, it is important to pay attention to the following things to ensure it is safe and does not damage the skin. Here are tips from Dr. Angeline:

1. Black tattoos are easier to remove than colored

The doctor who also practices at the Royal Progress Sunter Hospital, North Jakarta said that the process of removing permanent tattoos with a laser requires paying attention to the wave that is suitable to use. And it turns out, tattoos with black ink are easier to remove than other colors.

“Black is the easiest to remove compared to blue, green. (Laser) depends on the wavelength. Meanwhile, if we study the wavelength 1064 (nm) it is suitable for black, and for red it is suitable for 532 ( nm), there are already provisions,” explained Dr. Angeline when introducing the Picoway Laser from PT. Regenesis Indonesia in its clinic.

2. Can be replaced with another tattoo

When the laser tattoo removal process is quality and minimally painful, skin health is maintained. Furthermore, if the tattoo has completely faded, the doctor said that it is safe if you want to get a tattoo again.

“Remove it (the old tattoo) first, if it gets overwritten the results will be bad, also from the aesthetics too. (Pause before changing the tattoo) one month,” said Dr. Angeline.

3. Remove If Itching and Redness Doesn’t Go Away

Dr. Angeline admits that there are some people with sensitive skin or allergies to permanent tattoo ink, so generally doctors will recommend tattoo removal if the symptoms and redness of the skin don’t go away

“We treat that first, of course in cases of acute redness, treat it if it continues to be red. “We recommend that patients have their tattoos removed, but first treat them in acute situations,” explained Dr. Angeline.

4. Myths about removing tattoos

The anti-aging expert doctor also admitted that many people are afraid to remove permanent tattoos because of the terrible side effects when the procedure is carried out in uncertified clinics, which only sell laser procedures to remove tattoos.

“Many salons sell lasers too, that is, when they are removed they become watery bubbles, whereas if you use a pico laser it doesn’t give that effect,” concluded Dr. Angeline.

Please note that pico lasers are now easier to find on the market, and there are various types. How it works uses special wavelengths to break down pigmentation on the skin more quickly but with minimal side effects.

Lasers like Picoway are not only for removing permanent tattoos, but are also used to fade pockmarks, birthmarks and facial wrinkles because they use wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm, 785 nm and 730 nm, which will be adjusted to your needs.

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