Friday 22 December 2023

Both Married with a Royal Theme, Netizens Equate the Fate of Ria Ricis` Household with Rachel Vennya


The household of YouTubers Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan has recently become a topic of conversation, because it is rumored that things are not going well. Netizens immediately made a connection between the two’s wedding party which was held so luxuriously and magnificently like a royal couple in November 2021.

Coincidentally, celebrity Rachel Vennya also had the same wedding concept when she married Niko Al Hakim alias Okin. It is thought that the fate of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s household will end the same, with divorce.

“The message that can be learned is “a magnificent party on the wedding day is not important, because the most important thing is to maintain the sanctity of the marriage well,” wrote the video caption on the TikTok account @peopleaid1 as quoted on Friday (22/12/ 2023).

When they got married, Okin and Teuku Ryan were both seen wearing Royal Prince-style military uniforms, for a harmonious appearance with their partner who wore a princess-style ball gown. 

At that time, the two of them also danced together. at their wedding in flaming wedding dresses. The wedding decorations of Okin-Rachel and Teuku Ryan-Ria Ricis also looked so luxurious like a palace.

Of course, this similarity invited many netizens to comment. Not a few agreed, but many also I pray that the YouTuber’s marriage will go well again.

“But I think everyone has their own dream wedding. While you can. “Whether it lasts or not is fate,” said @wilyxxxx.

“It’s like this, I watched Korean dramas with royal themes with sad endings all over,” added @eunxxxx.

“Where the wedding theme is the same as Disney again,” said @ hatexxx.

“Forgot who said it, but the point is: a lifetime is long, don’t focus on preparing for a party that only lasts 1 day, focus/build the foundation of marriage,” said @gwenxxxx.

The issue of the breakdown in Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s household It started because this couple was no longer seen spending time together. 

This became even stronger when the two of them divided their time for four days each in caring for their only child, Moana. Ria Ricis was also not seen present at Teuku’s important moment Ryan, just like when her husband graduated. 

Even recently, instead of inviting his wife, Teuku Ryan was seen walking hand in hand with artist Celia Thomas while attending a premiere of the film Kite Putus.

Celia Thomas was also caught following Teuku Ryan wherever he went. Even so, this man from Aceh denied that they had no relationship.

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