Friday 22 December 2023

Get to know `Slepet`, Cak Imin`s expression in the Vice Presidential Debate


Vice Presidential Candidate (Cawapres) Serial Number 2, Muhaimin Iskandar, emphasized the importance of the presence of the highest leadership to bring justice and prosperity to the people. In the 2024 Cawapres Debate at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Friday (22/12/2023), Muhaimin used the term “slepet” as a symbol of authority to create justice and prosperity.

By bringing the sarong as an example, Muhaimin explained that “slepet” has a role like a sarong which can wake up the sleeping, move the sluggish, and at the same time remind the inattentive, especially among students.

In the world of santri, the term slepet is often associated with a movement that aims to ‘snag’ the sarong. Often used as a joking term or to wake up sleeping students.

However, it is not uncommon for ‘slepet’ to also be used to intimidate other people.

Muhaimin stated that he had the opportunity to accompany Presidential Candidate Anies Baswedan, who has similar goals to bring about change and improvement.

Previously, Cak Imin, nicknamed Muhaimin Iskandar, prepared for the cawapres debate at the JCC, accompanied by Presidential Candidate Anies Baswedan.

In his statement, Cak Imin expressed his readiness to convey AMIN’s (Anies-Muhaimin) program and vision and mission optimally in the vice presidential debate.

He hopes that the debate can give confidence to the public to support the AMIN pair in the 2024 Presidential Election.

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