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Comparison of the Educational History of Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas, Both Bachelor Degrees but Different Years of Studying


Rumors of a breakdown in the household of celebrity couple, Teuku Ryan and Ria Ricis, are getting hotter with the emergence of a young artist named Celia Thomas. The public then wants to know the comparison of the educational history of Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas.

According to news circulating, Teuku Ryan was suspected of being involved with Celia at the premiere of the film Kite Putus at the cinema. With the circulation of this news, netizens were curious about the comparison of the educational history of Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas.

Launching from the Instagram account @lambe_danu on Thursday (21/12/2023), news of Ryan and Celia Thomas’ closeness came after a video appeared showing the two of them walking together while attending a film premiere gala.

In the video footage, Celia appears to be following Ryan’s steps. The closeness of the two then created speculation about their connection to the issue of the breakdown in Ryan and Ricis’ household.

Previously, it was widely reported that the household of Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister, who had been fostered since 2021, was not going well. Teuku Ryan and Ria Ricis have recently not been seen together on several occasions, including at family events.

It didn’t stop there, Ria Ricis was also caught not attending Teuku Ryan’s graduation ceremony which took place some time ago. The public continues to pay attention to the silence and avoidance of both of them.

The rift in their marriage became even more widespread after news circulated that Teuku Ryan had a special relationship with Celia Thomas. From here, Ria Ricis’ educational history was compared with Celia Thomas.

Educational History of Ria Ricis

Reporting from various sources, Ria Ricis is known to have spent her studies in her hometown, Batam, Riau Islands.

This woman, who was born on July 1 1995 in Batam, Riau Islands, managed to achieve a number of achievements and awards while still at school. Unlike her two older siblings who excel in academics, Ria Ricis’ achievements are superior in the arts.

Then, while pursuing a career in the entertainment field, Ria Ricis continued her undergraduate education by majoring in Communications at Pancasila University and graduated in 2020.

While attending college, Ricis admitted that he had difficulty dividing his time between studying and his work as a public figure. It’s no surprise that Ricis is having difficulties, apart from being busy in the world of entertainment, the Communications department at Pancasila University has an A accreditation, thus encouraging students to be serious about studying there.

However, thanks to her determination and intention, Moana’s mother managed to graduate with satisfactory grades. He was even able to attend college in the midst of his busy filming schedule. Ria Ricis graduated after spending 7 years in college.

Educational History of Celia Thomas 

Meanwhile, Celia Thomas, who works as a public figure, has also not forgotten about education. In the midst of her busy life as a celebrity, Celia Thomas took the time to study at the University of Indonesia.

This woman whose full name is Celia Nadia Agatha is majoring in English Literature, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, UI. However, it didn’t take long for Celia to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

According to PDDikti, Celia Thomas has been studying since 2016 and graduated in 2021. However, her studies finished in the odd semester of 2020. This means that Celia only needed around 4.5-5 years to complete her bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

The Department of English Literature at FIB University of Indonesia has superior accreditation as of 2022.

Regarding the controversy circulating, neither Celia Thomas nor Teuku Ryan have provided clarification to date. However, quite a few people think that the meeting between the two is just for work.

This is a review of the comparative educational history of Ria Ricis and Celia Thomas. Hopefully it answers your curiosity.

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