Wednesday 27 December 2023

Daihatsu Employees Scream Due to Safety Test Scandal


Daihatsu Motor was rocked by problems towards the end of the year after being proven to have committed a safety test scandal.

As a result, Daihatsu decided to temporarily stop production activities at its factory. This apparently makes employees at the Daihatsu factory worried about their continued fate.

“There is no explanation yet whether the company will be able to resume production. I’m worried,” said a worker at the Osaka factory, quoted from The Japan Times, Wednesday (27/12/2023).

However, Daihatsu has reportedly agreed a compensation package with the unions to pay part of its employees’ salaries during the production stoppage.

Daihatsu Safety Test Scandal

Previously Daihatsu announced that it had stopped all vehicle deliveries both domestically and abroad.

This distribution cessation is the aftermath of the results of the safety test scandal investigation. The company found 174 violations, including misrepresentation of test results and vehicle vandalism.

From this case, 64 models and three engines were affected in the global market. Some are currently on sale, some have been discontinued. Included are 22 models plus one Toyota branded engine.

The following is a list of cars involved in the PT Astra Daihatsu Motor production safety scandal:

1. Daihatsu Agya/Wigo (model sold from March 2023; manufacturer ADM; affected regions/countries Ecuador, Uruguay, Cambodia)

2. Toyota Rush (model sold from January 2018; manufacturer ADM; affected countries Ecuador, Malaysia)

3. Toyota Avanza (model sold from November 2021; manufacturer ADM; affected countries Indonesia, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia)

4. Toyota Raize (model on sale from April 2021; manufacturer ADM; affected countries Ecuador, Mexico)

These findings prompted Daihatsu President Soichiro Okudaira to recently visit the Ministry of Transport in Tokyo, Japan, to report the findings of an independent panel.

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