Wednesday 27 December 2023

How dare, unscrupulous used car dealers cheat as many as 120 people with disabilities


A used car dealer in Philadelphia, United States (US) cheated 120 people with disabilities.

About 120 customers in 36 states fell victim to the alleged used car dealer scam.

“Victims are people with physical or mobility disabilities, people over the age of 65, or businesses that provide transportation services to these populations,” said the US attorney’s office, quoted from Carscoops, Wednesday (27/12 /2023).

In this case, the seller under the guise of selling a used van type car with the Ford brand which is wheelchair accessible, produced in 2017. Within a year, this unscrupulous used car seller had actually been carrying out this action for quite a long time. Even this unscrupulous used car seller has deceived 13 buyers.

Ford is known to have released several models that can make it easier for disabled people to use motorized vehicles.

This is to make it easier to get in and out of wheelchairs, Braun Ability replaced the middle door of the car with a sliding door model.

Apart from that, there is an access floor that can come out from the middle of the car and car door locks that can open and close automatically.

The interior of the car has received many changes, such as the absence of a middle seat, so that the comfort and safety of people with disabilities is better maintained. The position of the car steering wheel and transmission lever are also designed specifically for people with disabilities.

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