Tuesday 26 December 2023

Zaskia Adya Mecca Reluctant to Choose Branded Clothes for Children: Expensive!


Zaskia Adya Mecca is an artist known for her simplicity. This can be seen from the various outfits worn every day. He even prefers to wear clothes from local brands rather than branded clothes like other artists.

He also applies the same thing when choosing and buying clothes for his children.

According to him, he really considers carefully before buying clothes for his children. Moreover, he has quite a number of children, namely 6 people.

That’s why he really considers the clothes he buys for his children.

“Well, I have 6 children, so when I buy clothes or anything I definitely really consider it,” said Zaskia Adya Mecca when interviewed after the MOOI Heartmade event, Tuesday (26/12/2023).

Not only that, according to Zaskia, there is not much difference between branded goods and local products. Therefore, he prefers to look for goods with cheaper prices but good quality, such as well-known brands.

Moreover, according to him, several well-known products usually have expensive prices because of their brand names. Even though the quality of these goods is not much different from local products.

“Why would I buy something that is expensive but if I could get it, the price would be cheaper and the quality would be the same, because sometimes the expensive price is not because of the fabric or model, but because the branding is placed in a high position, so the price is also made expensive,” explained Hanung Bramantyo’s wife.

Therefore, the various clothes owned by his children do not come from luxury brands. Instead, he looks for products from local brands that have good quality, but affordable prices.

This is also the reason why he doesn’t have a special budget for shopping for clothes for his children. In fact, Zaskia often reuses her first child’s clothes to pass down to her younger siblings.

“I didn’t prepare my own budget, it just took time and thank God, because the children weren’t too far apart in age, so I only bought the oldest ones. So if the child was number 5 or 4, I would definitely get offspring so they would be quite durable,” he explained. .

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