Tuesday 26 December 2023

Pratama Arhan was tricked before getting a Rp. 1 billion watch gift from Azizah Salsha, how come?


Pratama Arhan received a fantastic birthday gift from his wife, Azizah Salsha. Unmitigated, the Tokyo Verdy player received a prize in the form of a Patek Philippe watch whose price was estimated at IDR 1 billion.

However, it turns out there was a story behind this extraordinary gift, namely that Arhan apparently had been tricked by Zize. How could that be?

This started with Zize’s outpouring of disbelief at Arhan’s request for a gift. Seen on the TikTok account @acstorydump, Andre Rosiade’s eldest son had a chance to confide in Arhan openly asking for an expensive watch as a birthday present.

Pratama Arhan and Azizah Salsha. [Instagram] “Arhan’s time, Arhan’s birthday asking for a Patek (Patek Philippe watch)?” complained Zize, quoted on Tuesday (26/12/2023).

Although of course Zize immediately granted this request, who did not hesitate to spend almost IDR 1 billion to fulfill her husband’s wishes.

However, before buying the watch, Zize apparently lied to Arhan a little. Judging by the upload from the TikTok@dorakechil account, Zize contacted Arhan and said he would buy another watch for his husband.

Zize at that time asked Arhan’s wrist size so that the watch he bought was not too big or small. However, in order to trick him, Zize did not admit to buying a Patek Philippe and instead pretended to buy another watch, namely from Audemars Piguet.

“So the story is that Arho’s vidcall was a trick, he said he bought this brand of watch, he said the watch he liked wasn’t in stock, but even though there was stock in the one he liked, he was sad when he finally arrived. SURPRISEE!!!” that’s the description in the video.

That’s why Arhan was immediately surprised when he saw that the gift was different from what Zize had reported.

“Why is it different? How is it different from what you sent?” exclaimed Arhan, who immediately screamed when he saw the box with the words “Patek Philippe” on the back of the parcel from Zize. Arhan also looked shaking because he couldn’t believe he had actually received a super expensive watch as a gift from his wife.

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