Thursday 21 December 2023

Daihatsu finally opens its voice regarding the falsifying crash test results scandal


PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) claims that the scandal of falsifying crash test results for a number of models exported from Indonesia had no impact on the domestic market.

As stated by the Marketing Director and Corporate Planning and Communication Director of PT ADM Sri Agung Handayani, Daihatsu vehicles have complied with applicable regulations and his party continues to coordinate with the Indonesian government.

Daihatsu customers can still use their vehicles safely and comfortably.

“We have confirmed to the principals that all Daihatsu vehicles produced, distributed and marketed in Indonesia do not have quality and safety problems,” said Sri Agung Handayani when contacted, Thursday (21/12/2023).

Previously, Daihatsu announced that it would stop shipping all its cars in the world after security and safety problems were discovered in 64 vehicle models produced by the manufacturer under Toyota. Of the 64 cars, 24 of them were sold under the Toyota brand.

The independent panel investigating the Daihatsu scandal last April said the Japanese brand cheated in tests or side crash tests on four models marketed abroad. It is estimated that around 88,000 cars were affected by this fraud.

But in the latest findings it was revealed that the fraud affected more models and car units sold by Daihatsu throughout the world. Apart from Daihatsu and Toyota, this cheating will also impact several Mazda and Subaru models sold in Japan.

Based on the data presented by Toyota, there are a number of affected models produced in Indonesia by either Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) or Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM).

A number of models known to have cheated in the crash test process include the Toyota Rush (ADM), Avanza (ADM), Veloz (TMMIN) Raize (ADM), and Yaris Cross (TMMIN).

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