Thursday 21 December 2023

Portrait of the Elegant Car Raffi Ahmad Used during a Visit to Gunung Kidul, the Tax Can Make a Honda Scoopy Snack


Artist Raffi Ahmad and several ‘bosses’ finally visited Gunung Kidul using an elegant car. The visit was carried out as a form of realization of the beach club development.

This development itself was precisely carried out in the hills of Krakal Beach, Kapanewon Tanjungsari. The plan is that construction will begin as soon as possible and it is estimated that it can operate and start receiving tourists and workers in 2025.

During a visit to the area, Raffi Ahmad and his ‘bosses’ rode in an elegant black car.

By uploading the YouTube account @Diary Raffi Ahmad, the car is a Cadillac Escalade.

This car is used as a vehicle to get to the place where the beach club construction will be carried out.

Investigating further, the car that Nagita Slavina’s husband was driving had taxes that were quite draining on his wallet.

Tax on the car driven by Raffi Ahmad can be used to buy a motorbike (Youtube, Samsat DKI Jakarta) In the DKI Jakarta motorbike check application, this SUV has a PKB principal of IDR 18,816 million. If combined with other costs, the car owner must pay a total of up to IDR 19,059 million.

With this price, it is possible to buy a used 2013 Honda Scoopy. Judging from the used motorbike market, the 2013 Honda Scoopy is priced starting at IDR 9 million.

So Raffi Ahmad’s car tax can be used to buy 2 used Honda Scoopy units. And of course there is still change of IDR 1 million.

Specifications and price

The Cadillac Escalade that Raffi Ahmad was driving had an engine that was not a tin can. This SUV is equipped with a supercharged V8 engine with a capacity of 6,162 cc.

With this engine, this car is capable of producing up to 690 hp with a maximum torque of 885 Nm. As for prices, this car is priced starting from IDR 2.2 billion.

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