Saturday 23 December 2023

Daihatsu Sahabat Siaga Post provides free component check services throughout the Christmas holidays, here is a list of locations


At the peak of the Christmas holidays in Indonesia, private cars are still the favorite vehicle for traveling with family members. Including Daihatsu Friends, that’s how PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) gives its loyal customers the nickname.

Quoted from the official PT ADM release as received, Daihatsu Indonesia is holding a Daihatsu Sahabat Siaga Post which aims to support Daihatsu private car travel to become safer and more comfortable, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, namely December 2023 to January 2024.

“Daihatsu Sahabat Siaga Holiday is our commitment to assisting the community by providing a safe and comfortable driving experience, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays. We are ready to welcome customers through the Alert Post and Alert Workshop. “Hopefully this service can provide customers with peace, security and comfort, as well as adding enjoyable travel moments with the family,” said Sri Agung Handayani, Marketing Director and Corporate Planning and Communication Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor.

Daihatsu provides free 21 component checking services [PT ADM]. It is said that holidays are the fun moment that everyone is most waiting for. Especially those who plan to travel using private cars. Good for traveling or visiting relatives in your hometown for the Christmas holidays.

Through this moment, Daihatsu is still present to accompany customers through the Daihatsu Sahabat Siaga Holiday service which can add to customers’ peace and comfort when traveling during the holidays by providing Standby Post facilities in two areas and Bengkel Siaga in 45 areas.

The following is a list of Daihatsu Alert Post locations:

Alert Post 456 A Salatiga Toll Road. These two locations were chosen because they are strategic points and are one of the resting facilities that are frequently visited by travelers and tourists. Standby Workshop

Services that remain open and operational to provide customers with peace of mind and comfort during the customer holiday period. Number: 45 locationsLocation: authorized Daihatsu workshopsTo ensure that the vehicles used are always in optimal condition, customers can also carry out regular maintenance services at authorized Daihatsu workshops every six months or every multiple of 10,000 Km, depending on which part is reached first.Complete list of 45 Daihatsu standby workshops [ PT ADM]. For the record, customers can enjoy various comfortable facilities at Posko Siaga while resting during their holiday trip.

These include a comfortable place to rest, free snacks and drinks as long as supplies last, free Nitrogen air filling service for vehicle tires, free checking of 21 vehicle component items, free consultation with an experienced Daihatsu service team, as well as various other interesting entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed by customers.

Daihatsu also provides an attractive promotion for purchasing Daihatsu Genuine Oil Buy, namely buy 2 L of DGO Free 1 L. Then there is still a service fee discount of up to 20 percent, specifically for periodic maintenance and general repair services.

Daihatsu also provides free discount vouchers for subsequent periodic maintenance services, including discounts on service fees, AC maintenance, and spooring & balancing.

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