Saturday 23 December 2023

Commemorating Mother`s Day 2023, Suzuki Presents Three Exciting Models in Accordance with Women`s Tastes and the Christmas Holiday


Mother’s Day 2023 just took place yesterday (22/12/2023), while the Christmas and New Year holidays are currently underway. These two things have deep meaning for women in the country. As mothers or one of the most important figures in the family, choosing the type or category of car is usually left to them.

Their choice is usually made towards forms that are able to accommodate all family members, as well as shopping items or luggage that tend to be large, because they accommodate the needs of everyone in the household.

Quoted by the Antara news agency from the official release of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, Suzuki is moved to present various types of vehicles that are suitable for use by women. This happens in line with the increasing number of Indonesian women who drive four-wheeled vehicles, aka cars.

Suzuki Ignis GL front bumper visible, color Pearl Arctic White [Doc PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales]. Most women tend to use cars for work

Suzuki Baleno [Suzuki] a, shopping, taking children to school, or meeting colleagues colleague.

Taken from Suzuki’s own car purchase data, most women choose vehicles that are compact in size with spacious cabin space and are also stylish. These include the models presented by the Suzuki S-Presso, Suzuki Baleno, and Suzuki Ignis.

“One of the commitments is to continue entering and expanding into the Indonesian market, one way is by presenting innovations or updates to our passenger car models and of course attractive promotions so that potential consumers will benefit even more,” explained Harold Donnell, 4W Marketing Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS).

These three car models, namely the Suzuki S-Presso, Suzuki Baleno, and Suzuki Ignis have the advantage of spacious cabin space, making them suitable for women who often carry a lot of necessary items or take children with them on trips.

Female drivers can drive in peace because these three Suzuki Passenger cars are equipped with child safety features such as ISOFIX which can be used to place child car seats safely, or the Child Lock feature to ensure the safety of children in the car while journey.

Not only does it focus on providing comfort on the inside, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is to maintain stability when on a slippery track and complete braking features with the inclusion of an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS).

Especially for the Suzuki S-Presso and Suzuki Ignis models, especially the AGS (Auto Gear Shift) transmission variant, it is equipped with Hill Hold Control which is useful for holding the vehicle’s position for a moment when going uphill from a standstill.

In terms of engines, these three Suzuki Passenger cars use efficient and environmentally friendly engines.

Apart from that, these three vehicles also have quite affordable prices. Of course, this is an added value because the accumulated cost of ownership of a product is very important for managing consumer cash flow which generally works. Both as entrepreneurs and office workers.

“Passenger car options such as the S-Presso, Baleno and Ignis are very suitable because they are easy to maintain, and if special action is required, we are always ready to provide quick handling through the ease and comfort of the services provided by Suzuki,” said Harold Donnell about details of product reliability for women.

Happy Mother’s Day to Indonesian women!

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