Friday 22 December 2023

Equipped with a lithium battery, this electric motorbike is priced at IDR 9.9 million


ECGO, manufacturer of innovative electric motorbikes, is pleased to announce that its newest model ECGO 5, has officially received subsidy support from the Director General of Industry.

This makes ECGO 5 an affordable choice for sustainable mobility in Indonesia. As part of positive steps to support environmental sustainability.

The ECGO 5 electric motorbike, has obtained TKDN certification above 40% from the Ministry of Industry, which is a step forward in supporting national industrial standards. Full support from the government and discounts from ECGO make this electric motorbike more affordable for the public.

“Subsidies from the government really help Indonesian people in purchasing electric motorbikes, and are in line with ECGO’s commitment to provide environmentally friendly and affordable transportation solutions for Indonesian people. We hope the government will maintain this policy,” said the CEO of PT. Green City Traffic, William Teng, in an official statement received, Thursday (21/12/2023).

Advanced features offered by the ECGO 5 include water resistance up to 30 cm, 90NM torque and intelligent fast charging. With a dynamo of up to 1,500W, this motorbike can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h, and cover a distance of up to 65 km per charge.

Starting today, ECGO gives consumers the opportunity to buy ECGO 5 with a proprietary lithium battery option for 9.9 million Rupiah (on the road), during the promo the ECGO 3 model with a proprietary lithium battery option also gets a discount of 3 million , the price is 12.9 million rupiah (on the road).

ECGO 3 has a 2kw lithium battery, speed up to 75 km/h and distance up to 80KM. This promo price is only until December 31 2023, throughout Indonesia, for Indonesian citizens over 16 years of age.

ECGO 5 & ECGO 3 with special prices can be accessed through ECGO dealers throughout Indonesia or via the website This promotional price is part of ECGO’s joint efforts to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transportation in Indonesia, as well as reducing air pollution and gasoline subsidies borne by the government.

With these advantages, the ECGO 5 is an ideal choice for a daily driver.

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