Friday 22 December 2023

AHM Prepares 1200 Electric Motorcycle Dealers and Battery Exchange Services for Honda EM1 e Owners:


PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is preparing a comprehensive ecosystem to support its newest electric motorbike in Indonesia, the Honda EM1 e: the price of which was officially announced Thursday (21/12/2023).

AHM has prepared after-sales service through Honda e: Shop dealers which are available almost throughout Indonesia. Apart from that, collaborating with PT. HPP Energy Indonesia, a collaboration between Honda and Panasonic, owners of EM1 e: can enjoy easier battery exchange facilities.

“Honda’s EV dealer network throughout Indonesia since the last quarter of this year has continued to increase gradually. At the beginning of the year Honda EV dealers could be found in 660 locations and before the end of 2024 we have plans to reach more than 1200 EV dealers throughout Indonesia,” said Executive Vice President Director AHM Thomas Wijaya at the launch of the Honda EM1 e: in Cikarang, West Java.

AHM launched the Honda EM1 e: Plus electric motorbike in Cikarang, West Java, Thursday (21/12/2023). The price is equivalent to the Honda PCX 160 CBS. [/Liberty Jemadu] He further said that Honda EV dealers were given a special identity, namely e: Shop, which is light blue. The facility will be equipped with sales personnel who are equipped with knowledge about Honda electric motorbikes, a special waiting room for consumers and a test riding unit that prospective buyers can use.

AHM also provides a contact center that is active 24 hours every day of the week to help Honda EM1 e: owners who experience problems on the road or even those who have run out of battery power.

Honda emergency service will come to the consumer to exchange the battery and take them to the nearest dealer or battery exchange facility.

Thomas added that for EM1 e: users who have high mobility, AHM is collaborating with HPP Energy Indonesia to provide a Honda Mobile Power Pack e: battery exchange or swap service, which is currently only available in Jakarta.

“This battery swap network is only Jakarta, currently around 10 to 20 networks. Most of them are in our e: Shop,” explained Thomas.

AHM produces the Honda EM1 e: Plus electric motorbike in North Jakarta. [/Liberty Jemadu] More details President Director of PT. HPP Energy Indonesia Hisashi Murakami, at the same event, said that the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: battery exchange service could be utilized if Honda electric motorbike owners installed a special application.

After installing the application, motorbike owners will also be given a membership card which can be used to access Honda’s battery exchange service.

Honda EM1 e: and EM1 e: Plus themselves have started to be sold in Indonesia at a price of IDR 33 million, after receiving a subsidy of IDR 7 million from the government. This motorbike is produced at the Honda factory in Jakarta and is still only marketed in Indonesia.

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