Wednesday 27 December 2023

Examining the Level of Consumer Confidence in Honda Motorcycles, What Do These Two Surveys Prove?


Some time ago, the Honda motorbike brand was hit by issues surrounding components which made national news headlines.

A follow-up question arises: what is the level of public trust in Honda motorbikes?

Katadata Insight Center (KIC) and the independent survey institute, Jakpat conducted research on the credibility of the Honda motorbike brand separately and the results can be seen below.

For decades, Honda motorbikes have actively supported hobbies and daily activities through various models. Among other things, it is used for touring [Wahana Honda] Based on the KIC survey, Honda is considered a multi-generational motorbike manufacturer.

The survey was conducted on 15–21 November 2023 on 2,511 respondents using the computer assisted web interviewing (CAWI) method.

Survey respondents consisted of 42 percent men and 58 percent in the age range 17–58 years.

The detailed results are as follows:

As many as 75 percent of respondents stated that they had known and participated in using Honda since they were small because of the role of family and the environment in choosing this brand. Then, 74 percent of respondents used Honda as teenagers and 74 percent said they would continue to choose Honda for the next 10-15 years. The KIC survey also showed that the Honda brand was the motorbike of choice for the majority (67.6 percent). Meanwhile, other brands were chosen by around 32.4 percent of respondents. Meanwhile, the Jakpat survey results show that Honda motorbike models are the most popular.

PT Astra Honda Motor provides a five-year frame guarantee [PT Astra Honda Motor]. The Jakpat survey involved 1,021 respondents in the age range 17–54 years. The survey will take place 17–23 November 2023 via the Jakpat application.

Detailed results:

Of all respondents, 74.6 percent used Honda motorbikes. In general, the most widely used motorbike category is the automatic transmission motorbike or automatic motorbike, with the three largest models, namely the Honda Scoopy, Honda BeAT Sporty, and Honda Vario 125. Jakpat respondents assessed that the trusted brand aspect was dominated by Honda at 73 percent. Apart from that, Honda also excels as a high quality brand (67 percent), far above other brands. From these two independent surveys, PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS or Wahana Honda) as the Main Dealer for Honda motorbikes in the Jakarta-Tangerang area expressed optimism about the presence of Honda products in the community.

“These two surveys confirm that public trust in the Honda motorbike brand, which has been built for decades, remains firmly entrenched,” explained Olivia Widyasuwita, Head of Marketing PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS).

Moreover, Honda motorbikes also provide a range of The warranty, including the frame, is up to five years. All of this is aimed at maintaining the trust that has been embedded in the community.

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