Wednesday 27 December 2023

Daihatsu Factory Production Activities Still Stopped After Proven Cheating on Safety Testing Standards


Daihatsu Motor is reportedly still going to stop production activities and will only discuss it again next January after it was discovered that they had cheated regarding safety testing standards.

Daihatsu, which has been inspected by Japan’s transport ministry, said it did not know when it would be able to resume deliveries or production.

Quoted from the Nikkei Asia page, Wednesday (27/12/2023), the Japanese car manufacturer is currently discussing with the labor union regarding employee salaries during the production halt.

Daihatsu said there were at least a total of 64 models that had undergone safety tests that did not comply with procedures. This number has increased from initial findings which only announced six affected models.

Daihatsu Provides Compensation

Previously, Daihatsu Motor announced that it was ready to provide compensation or compensation to spare parts suppliers after suspending deliveries after being proven to have violated crash test procedures.

Daihatsu plans to hold an online meeting to discuss what form of compensation will be received by spare parts supplier companies.

One of them is a plan to purchase spare parts that are already in production for Daihatsu, and financial compensation for the loss of income due to the cessation of production.

There are at least 423 companies that are direct suppliers of Daihatsu which are considered Tier 1 suppliers.

Later the amount of compensation will be negotiated, and Daihatsu will also consider providing compensation to Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers who are highly dependent on new car sales.

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