Wednesday 20 December 2023

From TLLA to AHYPP, here are a series of PT Astra Honda Motor`s SDG initiative programs as a contribution to the country


TLLA is an abbreviation for Children’s Traffic Park and AHYPP means Astra Honda Youthpreneurship Program, both of which are examples of Social Development Goal’s (SDG’s) initiatives presented by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). Together with a series of other programs, this is the work that this two-wheeled company summarizes as the Spirit of Synergy for the Country.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, the SDG initiative program presented by PT AHM is a real step to contribute to advancing sustainable development in Indonesia. Various elements of society, through consistency in various activities spread across four areas, namely education, environment, economy and driving safety, continue to be carried out in stages by inviting the younger generation to provide the best creative work for the country.

This is Astra Honda Motor’s step in supporting Indonesia’s sustainable development, through various sustainable activities involving the younger generation. SDG’s creative programs according to the latest trends continue to be carried out, so that the benefits can be more optimal and created for our nation’s children.

AHM Foundation Distributes Free Scholarships to Hundreds of Students from DKI Jakarta and West Java, for example SDG`s PT AHM [PT Astra Honda Motor] “We are happy to see young people have a spirit of synergy in advancing this country in various fields. “We hope that various collaborations with young people can continue to have a sustainable positive impact on the nation’s progress and prosperity in the future,” explained Ahmad Muhibbuddin, General Manager of Corporate Communication at AHM.

The following are a series of SGD’s PT Astra Honda Motor programs in supporting sustainable development for our nation’s future generations, which are outlined in various forms:

AHM together with the Astra Honda Motor Foundation or the AHM Foundation supports the efforts of the young generation to become intelligent and creative future generations of the nation through various educational scholarships. This year, scholarships worth IDR 1.4 billion were given to 286 students, 30 teachers and 209 students at various schools and universities spread across 10 provinces in Indonesia.

Then the Children’s Traffic Park (TLLA) which aims to provide driving safety education from an early age, and young people are also invited to convey safety messages with a contemporary approach. PT AHM presents six TLLA facilities for Kindergarten age children, then Astra Honda Safety Riding Lab educational facilities are provided in five provinces plus a competency strengthening program for Safety Riding ambassadors in the Safety Riding Camp program for advanced secondary school students.

The commitment to synergy for the progress of the country is also manifested in the economic sector. The AHM Foundation facilitates 27 young entrepreneurs in the two-wheeled automotive repair sector through the Astra Honda Youthpreneurship Program (AHYPP) in 12 provinces. Support is provided in the form of capital assistance, work tools, and increased technical competence and business management.

The AHYPP program has been able to provide an average monthly turnover of tens of millions of rupiah with a workforce of one to five people in each workshop.

Next, support for environmental awareness is also realized in various regions. In 2023, as many as 4,040 trees will be planted in 26 regions in Indonesia. The program collaborates with environmental care communities as an effort to provide a clean, healthy and well-managed and sustainable environmental ecosystem.

From PT Astra Honda Motor’s various SGD programs, it is hoped that the Spirit of Synergy for the Country will continue to run sustainably and contribute to and foster a spirit of sustainable development for Indonesia.

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