Wednesday 20 December 2023

Showing an Increase in the Number of Spectators, Formula E Racing Prepares for Next Year`s Competition Season with These Latest Rides


Formula E racing or e-Prix is ​​a single seater racing that relies on Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) with a mission to support environmentally friendly efforts on the motorsport competition stage. Without the typical engine roar of an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) type vehicle, the electric land jet has its own uniqueness when the racers fight in attack mode.

Formula E drivers prepare strategies in several sectors at once. Such as using attack mode to be able to go faster than competitors, as well as when to make a pit stop.

From the monitor screen, the audience can see how quickly the racers’ batteries will last or be drained, and when approaching the finish they can see what percentage of electric power is remaining, even showing a negative number, a sign that the racers are going all out with the strategy they have prepared.

Garage atmosphere of the Formula E team, TAG Heuer Porsche, with drivers Antonio Felix da Costa and Pascal Wehrlein [/CNR ukirsari]. previously. Formula E’s international fan base increased 17 percent year-on-year (YoY) to 344 million.

A look back at the 2023 Formula E race which took place in Indonesia as witnessed by , this race is also of great interest to the younger generation.

Held at the Ancol E-Prix Circuit, North Jakarta in double header format twice and for two racing days, the audience watched it as part of the excitement of motorsport activities in Indonesia on an international scale.

Automotive brands that have electric car products also showcase their products in the form of exhibitions and experience laps on the track before the Formula E race is held. Likewise, Hankook, as the race organizing partner and sole supplier of Hankook iON tires specifically for all Formula E teams, also holds exhibitions and hospitality.

Season 10 of Formula E, which will be staged starting in early 2024, will rely on the Formula E GEN3 ride as an electric racing ride with cool specifications: the fastest, lightest, strongest and most efficient ever made to date.

For next year’s racing season, Formula E comes with the theme “It’s On” and next year’s inaugural race starts in Mexico City, Mexico on January 13, 2024.

“The It’s On campaign captures the meaning of what makes Formula E so special. We promise racing full of excitement and exciting motorsport values,” explained Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E.

The future of motorsport is environmentally friendly as Formula E sets new standards of innovation demonstrating a commitment to a racing event that embraces the values ​​of sustainability and high performance.

“As the only motorsport certified zero carbon since its inception, we are uniquely demonstrating to the world that high-performance motorsport and sustainability can powerfully coexist,” explains Jeff Dodds.

Furthermore, It’sOn is built on momentum last season, which was the most competitive season in the Formula E World Championship.

The world championship title for drivers and teams remains equal until the end of the season, with four drivers having the opportunity to win until the final series

“With eight different champions in nine seasons and title fights world champion that lasts until the last race, Formula E presents the most competitive motorsport in the world,” added Henry Chilcott, Head of Marketing for Formula E.

Autograph session atmosphere in front of the paddock of the 11 teams competing in the 2023 Gulavit Jakarta E-Prix championship (3 -4/6/2023) [/CNR ukirsari]. “In our tenth year of racing, the tagline It’s On shows the DNA of our highly competitive championship and invites motorsport fans around the world to experience Formula E and see what real competition is like ,” he continued.

For the record, next year’s Formula E will not be staged in Indonesia on the grounds that Indonesia is holding a democratic stage in the form of a General Election or General Election.

Hopefully next year it will be staged again, upholding the spirit of motorsport, as part of a sport that prioritizes sportsmanship and comes purely from the automotive world.

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