Sunday 24 December 2023

Ganjar Pranowo`s wife bluntly compares Iriana Jokowi and Ani Yudhoyono, who is the favorite?


Siti Atikoh openly reveals which first lady is her favorite. This was conveyed by Siti when talking with Ashanty some time ago.

Even on that occasion, the wife of presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo also compared the two first ladies, namely the late Ani Yudhoyono and Iriana Jokowi.

Seen on the TikTok account @projoindonesia.3, initially Siti Atikoh compared all the first ladies that Indonesia has ever had. According to him, all first ladies have their own strengths and roles.

However, Siti Atikoh admitted that the late Ani and Iriana had a very big role when they accompanied Ganjar to become an official.

“Mrs Ani, I happened to have time when in the early days in Central Java, Mas Ganjar was governor, for one year, had the opportunity to visit, accompany him, when there were national activities, he was a sociable, charming figure, then willing to embrace . “At that time I was still very junior, I was being held, so I wasn’t embarrassed, I wasn’t awkward,” said Siti Atikoh, quoted on Sunday (24/12/2023).

Meanwhile, Iriana Jokowi is the figure who has been in contact with him the longest. This is because Iriana has been First Lady since 2014 and this means she almost always accompanied Siti Atikoh while she was the number one woman in Central Java.

“Then Mrs. Iriana, that’s almost 9 years (with me). So maybe he is a very kind, gentle, and patient person, I have never seen his body language angry or anything, never. “So he is a very patient person,” explained Siti Atikoh.

So among all the first ladies, who is Siti Atikoh’s favorite? Muhammad Zinedine Alam Ganjar’s mother apparently had difficulty choosing one figure because her experience was limited to the figures of Ani and Iriana.

“So if you ask me which is my favorite, it’s a bit biased. Maybe if you were to choose one, it would be a bit subjective, because I’m with Mrs. Iriana for 9 years. “It’s definitely subjective, I chose Mrs. Iriana because she is 9 years old,” said Siti Atikoh.

“(Because) They have been together for a long time,” said Ashanty, who concluded Siti Atikoh’s answer.

“Yes, but every first lady has extraordinary character that we can learn from,” he stressed.

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