Sunday 24 December 2023

Ganjar`s response to the 3 microphones that Gibran used during the debate made Roy Suryo suspicious


Presidential candidate number three, Ganjar Pranowo, spoke about the microphones for the 2024 presidential election debate participants, which are said to be three. The use of the microphone even sparked suspicion from telematics expert, Roy Suryo.

This was conveyed by Ganjar in response to Roy Suryo’s statement, who had already voiced his curiosity on social media.

“There are three of them, all of them have the same quota. So there is one that sticks to the ear, there is a microphone that is clip on to the shirt, and there is a microphone that is held (handheld),” said Ganjar, Sunday (24/12 /2023).

As for Roy Suryo’s other curiosity, regarding the reason why one of the debate participants actually used the three microphones provided, said Ganjar, it would be best to ask the vice presidential candidate directly.

“It’s easy, just ask the person,” said Ganjar as reported by Antara.

Ganjar is of the view that three microphones are prepared so that one of them continues to function when the others experience interference.

“Actually, if I were asked, I don’t know what technology is more sophisticated about that. I think they have prepared three as backup, if one doesn’t work, there’s still something to hold on to,” said Ganjar.

The unique incident at the vice presidential debate session, last Friday (22/12), apparently was not predicted by Ganjar.

One of the vice presidential candidates, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, surprised Ganjar, apparently someone was willing to use all the microphones provided.

“When I got the three microphones, I thought that was a lot. But ‘oh, there are people who have other ideas’ maybe they have their own knowledge,” said Ganjar.

In Roy Suryo’s upload on social media, the telematics expert questioned the three microphones used by Gibran, from clip-on, hand-held, to headset. According to the General Election Commission, the vice presidential candidates who took part in the second debate for the 2024 presidential election at the Jakarta Convention Center Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Friday (22/12) evening, using the same microphone.

KPU Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari emphasized that Gibran did not use ear feeders. He explained that the device in the vice presidential candidates’ ears was a microphone hook.

“All vice presidential candidates can be asked and also the TV station organizing the debate, and also the candidate team who were in the holding-room when installing the mic, can be asked,” explained Hasyim.

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