Sunday 24 December 2023

Pinkan Mambo Reaps Scorn for Frequently Changing Religions, Is That Permissible According to Islamic Law?


Pinkan Mambo recently shared surprising news. The reason is, Pinkan Mambo is known to have remarried a man named Arya Khan. Not only that, Pinkan Mambo even returned to Islam and became a convert.

In the upload of the Tiktok account @mokondoyes, it shows Arya Khan telling the news of his second marriage. In his statement, Arya Khan admitted that he could not marry someone from a different religion. This made the former Queen’s personnel finally decide to convert to Islam.

“I already said, if you want to marry me, you convert to Islam. I don’t want to marry but have a different religion. So we agreed, he converted to Islam,” said Arya Khan, quoted from a video uploaded some time ago.

This surprising news then became the focus, especially regarding Pinkan Mambo who chose to change religion. Moreover, Pinkan Mambo is known to have chosen to change religions several times. This then became the spotlight.

The religion originally adhered to by Pinkan Mambo was Islam. However, in 2010, Pinkan Mambo decided to convert to Christianity. Therefore, his conversion to Islam again caused controversy. Some netizens actually think it’s like playing with a religion that often changes.

“Really happy to log in and log out,” wrote one netizen in the comments column.

“Religions change, they are thought to be toys,” said another netizen.

“What are the laws regarding changing religions? “Just hope I’m steadfast so I don’t change it again,” commented another account.

Quoting NU Online, changing one’s own religion in Islam is something that is prohibited and is clearly haram. However, those who have apostatized and then returned to Islam are still valid and accepted. As long as they remain Muslim until they die.

If he dies in an apostate state, then this can erase the good deeds he has done previously. Meanwhile, if they apostatize, then re-enter Islam, Imam Syafi’i said, that person is obliged to make up for the prayers and zakat that he left behind,

“When someone leaves Islam and then re-enters Islam, he is obliged to make up for the prayers that he left behind. when he becomes an apostate, he is also obliged to make up for every zakat that is obligatory on him,” (See Muhammad bin Idris As-Syafi’i, Al-Umm, Beirut, Darul Ma’rifah, 1393 AH, juz I, page 69).

However, for the Hanafi and Maliki schools of thought, he is not obliged to make up for the prayers he missed when he apostatized. This is because when they apostate, their status is infidels. Because of this, they are considered not obliged to make up for the prayers and zakat they leave behind.

For this reason, this goes back to the school of thought that each person believes in. However, regarding changing religions, as long as he is steadfast and willing to repent to Allah SWT then there is no problem even if he has become an apostate. Meanwhile, those who have converted to Islam and then apostatize again, this is a big sin and will be punished by Allah SWT.

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