Friday 22 December 2023

Gibran Rakabuming`s "Let Him Cook" tweet after the vice presidential debate, what does it mean?


Gibran Rakabuming immediately made a tweet on his personal X social media shortly after the vice presidential debate, Friday (22/12/2023) last night.

Gibran’s appearance during yesterday’s debate succeeded in stealing attention because of his various statements which were considered quite brave and sharp towards the other two vice presidential candidates, Cak Imin and Mahfud MD.

Less than an hour passed after the debate ended, Gibran immediately appeared on X via his tweet. Even though he only wrote three words, Gibran’s post immediately went viral and was viewed 2.2 million times within 10 hours. As well as being liked by more than 53.1 thousand accounts and comments reaching 2,696 times.

“Let him cook,” wrote Gibran on his personal X account, quoted on Saturday (23/12/2023).

Netizens immediately guessed the meaning of the tweet. Not a few speculated that the article was related to the vice presidential debate that he had just finished.

“Thx bro, the first debate has made me really nervous. It’s amazing bro… 10 points for you, bro,” commented netizen with the account @abasaxxxxx.

“You should let me cook, bro,” quipped another with the account @navyxxxxx.

So what is the true meaning of Gibran’s writing?

Literally in English, the sentence is interpreted as “let him (the man) cook”. However, in English there are also slang terms or slang to imply something, which means that the sentence cannot be interpreted only literally.

The sentence “let him cook” itself is an example of English slang which is quite popular, especially in the United States. This slang became increasingly popular after being used in discussions of American football.

In the Urban Dictionary it is explained that the term “let him cook” is generally used as a slogan and includes common pop culture slang.

The term is used to give someone space to re-hone their skills.

An example of using this term is, for example, if someone completes a task in a certain way, then a second person comes in and intervenes in the problem. Then a third person came and said, “let him cook.”

That could mean that the third person asks the second person to let the first person do as he wishes. So that the first person can re-learn skills that are still considered lacking.

Then the question is, who is the ‘him’ that Gibran refers to in his tweet?

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