Friday 22 December 2023

Aaliyah Massaid is annoyed if her parents` problems are brought up by netizens: Is that jealous?


Aaliyah Massaid continues to be in the public spotlight after it was discovered that she was having an affair with Thariq Halilintar.

Many support the lovebirds’ relationship, but quite a few are so angry that they blaspheme the daughter of the late Adjie Massaid and Reza Artamevia.

From the many oblique comments that exist, Aaliyah Massaid is apparently very annoyed if netizens mention her parents’ problems.

“The thing that makes me the most annoyed is actually when it includes parents. That makes me really annoyed because it’s like, try to imagine what it would be like if parents were mentioned,” said Aaliyah, quoted from the YouTube channel The Ramlans Family, Saturday (23/12/ 2023).

The woman born in 2002 admitted that she didn’t pay attention if she was physically insulted. However, it is different if netizens offend or even pray for their parents who are not good.

Aaliyah Massaid and Reza Artamevia are brand ambassadors for beauty products. (TikTok/ @fansfagealtor) “If it’s a physical matter, that’s up to you, meaning people are free to express their opinions. But it’s like I’ve even called my parents names too, for example praying ‘Just look at you, I pray you won’t be happy’. I mean “That’s how jealous people are,” said Aaliyah.

Tariq Halilintar’s lover then revealed that netizens actually don’t know much about his family.

“For example, ‘Oh look, Aaliyah’s parents are like this and like this’. You don’t know the full story,” he said.

Aaliyah Massaid also reminded that everyone has made mistakes. Except for himself and his parents.

“We have to remember that it wasn’t just us as children who were the first to live in this world. But our parents were also the first to live in this world. They will definitely make mistakes,” he concluded.

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