Friday 22 December 2023

Rafael`s Seblak Recipe Most Searched for on Google Throughout 2023, Here`s How to Make it and Its Origin


Google Indonesia has announced trends throughout 2023. It was recorded that Rafael’s seblak recipe is the most searched recipe on Google 2023. So for those who want to try making it, see below Rafael’s seblak recipe and its origins.

As previously reported, the recipe for making Rafael’s seblak is the most popular trend in Google searches for 2023. This can be seen on the page which shows that the keyword “Rafael’s seblak recipe” is in first place in Google trends for 2023 for the recipe category.

So, how do you make Rafael’s seblak? So, for more details, see the following recipe for making Rafael’s seblak, complete with its origins, quoted from various sources.

Seblak Rafael Recipe

Before making Seblak Rafael, make sure all the ingredients needed have been prepared. The ingredients are as follows:

–          Rose flower crackers

–          Kancur 4 segments

–          Garlic 4 cloves

–          10 small green cayenne peppers

–          5 small green chilies nbspnb sp –          Scallions (sliced)

–          Cooking oil

–          Sugar, salt and flavoring to taste

After all the required ingredients are ready, the next step is the process of making seblak. The process for making it is as follows:

1.       First of all, boil the crackers until the texture is soft and set aside.

2.       Then, grind the garlic, galangal and cayenne pepper.

3.       Then, add the sliced ​​spring onions and stir with the ground spices

4.       Next, add sugar, salt and seasoning. Then, stir well.

5.       Heat the oil until it boils, pour it into a mortar, then stir well.

6.       After that, put the crackers in a mortar and mix evenly with the chili sauce.

7.       Seblak Rafael is ready to be served

Origins of Seblak Rafael

So, the origins of Seblak Rafael began when Rafael Tan returned home during Eid. While in his hometown, Rafael felt hungry at night. Rafael also tried ordering snacks made from aci at his regular shop.

It’s just that his regular shop took a long time to respond to his order, so Rafael made his own snacks using whatever ingredients he had at home. At that time, there were crackers and seblak ingredients, so Rafael decided to make seblak mortar

After he tried making it, it turned out it tasted delicious. Rafael also took the initiative to share his recipe with his fans via his personal social media account. Since then, Rafael’s seblak recipe has gone viral and many have tried the recipe.

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