Friday 22 December 2023

Happy Mother`s Day 2023, this is a collection of articles from female F1 racers and tips for riding motorbikes for women


The automotive world is often categorized as a man’s world. Only a handful are said to be able to enjoy all the beauty of cars and motorbikes as well as the automotive sports or motorsport sector. Not as team owners, racers, car or motorbike users, women occupy a certain percentage of men.

In fact, talking about automotive matters is not just about being skilled at driving a vehicle as part of your daily activities. Hobbies and preferences go far beyond gender boundaries, and everything must be treated in a balanced, equal manner, without distinguishing between these things, apart from giving appreciation according to achievements and abilities.

Welcoming Mother’s Day December 22 2023, the Otomotif channel congratulates Indonesian women. And here is a small package of articles regarding the ins and outs of women in the automotive sector.

Starting from F1 racer Lella Lombardi, the late Kiki Fatmala who liked to wash her own car, Formula E has a special area for women called FIA Girls on Track, to various events from the automotive industry which continue to empower women.

Happy Mother’s Day Indonesian women! Warm greetings from our Editor.

1. Exciting News for Women Who Love Automotive Sports, Formula E Continues FIA Girls on Track

The FIA ​​Girls on Track event from FIA and Hankook for women empowerment, took place at the North Lobby of Ancol Carnaval Beach, Jakarta at the Formula E Jakarta event 2023 [/CNR ukirsari]. When the electric jet racing, Formula E, takes place at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit Ancol, Jakarta in the middle of 2023, one of the talk show and display vehicles present is FIA Girls on Track. Previously, when distributing the IDs of organizers, reporters and participants, their IDs also looked cool and exciting, saying “Girls on Track”.

Formula E in its sixth year of implementation continues to have a positive impact on the environment, especially more than 2,500 girls in 15 racing location countries, with leading female figures from various professions in the Formula E paddock delivering inspirational and educational workshops.

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2. Tips for Riding Two Wheels for Women, Checking the Route and Riding Equipment is Very Necessary

High heels and wedges should not be used when riding a motorbike [] Women like to ride bicycles Motorbikes are often found in Indonesia. Just like Adam, the thing that needs to be considered is the technical elements of the vehicle and rider.

Then it needs to be underlined, as a woman there are several additional things you need to understand. These include wearing high heels or tiptoe shoes, to neatly wearing the hijab.

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3. FIA Girls on Track and Official Presenter Hankook Hold an Event for Women in the 2023 Jakarta Formula E Racing

The FIA ​​Girls on Track event from FIA and Hankook for women empowerment, took place at the North Lobby of Ancol Carnaval Beach , Jakarta at the 2023 Formula E Jakarta event [/CNR ukirsari]. When picking up ID Press Global to watch the ABB Formula E World Championship 2023 Jakarta Round 10 and Round 11 (3-4/6/2023) races, they found a stack of special IDs with pink lanyard. The pass said “FIA Girls on Track”.

This is the ID given to women at the 2023 Jakarta Formula E Racing event Round 10 and Round 11 which took place at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC), Carnival Beach, Ancol, North Jakarta.

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4. Astra Insurance Together with ngeLESin Provides Financial Literacy for Female MSMEs

Financial Management Webinar for Female MSMEs is a collaborative event between Astra Insurance and ngeLESin with the aim of increasing financial understanding and implementation for female MSMEs in Indonesia. This event is also the closing event of the #Meaningful Women campaign initiated by Astra Insurance in support of SDGs point 5, achieving gender equality and empowering women during March 2023 [Astra Insurance] Astra Insurance, part of PT Astra International Tbk – a National company which has more than 245 subsidiaries, including in the automotive and insurance sectors – has just held financial literacy, in the form of a Financial Management webinar for Women in MSMEs.

Quoted from the official Astra Insurance release as received by , this event is a collaboration between Astra Insurance and ngeLESin. Aims to increase understanding and implementation of finance for female MSMEs in Indonesia.

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5. Financial and Health Literacy from Astra Insurance with Ajinomoto to Celebrate World Women’s Day 2023

In the midst of carrying out their roles, women, especially mothers, are appointed as decision makers and encouraged to be wiser in making decisions regarding various situations to achieve prosperity. So that when an emergency or unexpected situation occurs, women can take wise steps and understand their basic needs. Astra Insurance understands women as

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