Friday 22 December 2023

In the Spirit of Mother`s Day 2023, Wahana Honda Shares Inspiration from Two Female Role Models for the AHASS Workshop Network


Happy Mother’s Day to Indonesian women. The Indonesian Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection is carrying the theme Empowered Women, Advanced Indonesia in commemoration of the 95th Mother’s Day in 2023. Apart from this main theme, there are four sub-themes for Mother’s Day 2023. Namely Women Speak Up; Empowered and Creative Women; Caring Women; and Women and Revolution.

Quoted from Wahana Honda’s official release as received by , PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS), Main Honda motorbike dealer in the Jakarta-Tangerang area, together with PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) consistently support the development of women’s competence wherever they work, including the Astra Honda Authorized Service Station or AHASS workshop network.

“In line with the theme of Mother’s Day this year, we encourage Indonesian women to increase their competitiveness so they can contribute to advancing Indonesia. “We provide equal opportunities for women to take part in various training or other empowerment programs,” explained Benedictus F Maharanto, Head of Technical Service Department PT WMS.

Today, December 22 2023, which is celebrated as Mother’s Day in Indonesia, is a momentum to understand the role of women in the country in various sectors that help drive the nation’s economy.

In the automotive sector which is dominated by men, there are a number of women who cannot be underestimated. More specifically, women who work in the AHASS workshop network.

The following are two great female figures who are role models in the places where they work, and can also provide discourse for anyone about the principle of equality between men and women. Be useful and empower abilities regardless of gender.

Siti Fatimah, Head of AHASS Lumintu Motor Workshop 17633 and Person in Charge (PIC) AHASS Mantab Sejahtera Cibubur 01694 [PT Wahana Makmur Sejati] This is a glimpse of the work area of ​​Siti Fatimah and Gea April Yuliyana from the AHASS workshop: Siti Fatimah who is familiarly called Mpok Siti served as Head of the AHASS Lumintu Motor 17633 Workshop and Person in Charge (PIC) AHASS Mantab Sejahtera Cibubur 01694.

To get to her current position, Mpok Siti started her career at the AHASS workshop starting in 2003 as a mechanic. Or his total career has now spanned 20 years.

“Before working at AHASS, I was a mechanic at a Vocational High School (SMK),” explained the woman born in Bogor, July 6 1985.

Working in the automotive world which is closely dominated by men is a big challenge for her.

“A condition that makes me continue to try to adapt. As a woman, I am required to be strong and tough,” said Siti Fatimah.

This determination is not limited to mere words, but is proven through a good work ethic.

“I have experienced work pressure, both verbal and non-verbal, from fellow colleagues. “But, I try to see it from another point of view, namely that we have to be able to adapt well to customers and teams,” said the woman who continues to develop herself by opening her own workshop in the South Tangerang area.

“One thing I am proud of as a woman is being able to be a role model and be of benefit to my family and those around me. Hopefully it can motivate other women that housewives with two children can also be creative and innovate. “Of course it takes a long process to go through,” he said regarding tips for balancing work according to his profession as a professional and as a family member as mother to his small family.

Gea April Yuliyana from AHASS Kosambi Jaya Motor as a Service Advisor (SA) [PT Wahana Makmur Sejati]. Likewise, is Gea April Yuliyana. Coming from the younger generation with work experience lasting approximately one fifth of Mpok Siti’s working life, she also worked amidst male domination.

Gea has had his own impression during his five years working at AHASS Kosambi Jaya Motor as a Service Advisor (SA). That is, being in front of consumers who place orders or ask questions regarding all technical and non-technical matters related to Honda motorbike repair services.

“For me the impression is very challenging, so I can keep learning. Moreover, to know the internal parts of the engine on a Honda motorbike. “The challenge is also for me to be able to explain complaints from consumers regarding their Honda motorbikes,” said the woman who was born in Jakarta, April 2 2000.

Of course, to understand the technicalities and mechanics of Honda motorbikes, he can’t just read. However, jump straight in and learn all the ins and outs of motor vehicle racing.

So, the work fields of these two female AHASS and Wahana Honda role models are very challenging, right? Happy Mother’s Day 2023, keep working and inspiring.

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