Thursday 7 December 2023

Here are 3 reasons why the Mitsubishi XForce is suitable as a woman`s road companion



There are three reasons why XForce, which was launched at the GIIAS 2023 event last August, is suitable for women. These three reasons center on one of the superior features of the compact SUV: NanoeX AC.

Ngabehi, at the XForce Infinite

“So the skin will remain healthy and not dry, which is important for beauty care,” said Ngabehi, on the sidelines of the event which was designed to try out XForce on various terrains on the SoloSemarangYogyakarta route.

Two other reasons, explained Ngabehi, are related to health. NanoeX can kill germs in the car and secondly, the AC technology is also designed to filter unpleasant odors and dust in Mitsubishi’s newest car.

Previously in November, MMKSI President Director Atsushi Kurita said that XForce had succeeded in winning the hearts of Indonesian women. Kurita said that 40 percent of XForce’s first customers were women.

“Currently as many as 40 percent of women have ordered the Mitsubishi XForce and when compared with other models, this figure is the highest order which is dominated by the female segment,” said Kurita.

Kurita suspects that there are several factors that make women attracted to XForce, one of which is Nanoex.

“The NanoeX air filter system has also received a very positive response from customers because the air conditions are not good due to current pollution,” explained Kurita.

Apart from that, the XForce design is also more elegant than its predecessor, the Mitsubishi Xpander.

“This is one of the factors why many women choose XForce,” added Kurita.

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