Thursday 7 December 2023

Tips to prevent your motorbike tires from going flat even when parked for a long time


Motorcycles that are parked at home for a long time often experience flat tires or reduced air pressure.

However, this can actually be overcome. At least it can slow down the process of getting a flat tire while keeping the tire lasting longer even if it is parked at home for a long time.

Here are some tips that can be done so that motorbike tires don’t get flat easily even if they are parked for a long time, Thursday (7/12/2023):

First, try to fill the tires up to the recommended tire pressure. Because the motorbike will not be used for a long time, it is recommended to use the maximum recommended air pressure.

Second, it is best to fill the tires with nitrogen because nitrogen does not contain water vapor so the tire pressure is maintained better. Nitrogen also has larger molecules than oxygen, so the air in a tire filled with nitrogen will take longer to escape through the tire valve.

Next, park the motorbike using the middle standard or use the paddock standard for sport motorbikes. This is useful so that the front and rear tires do not experience pressure from the motorbike’s load. The same pressure on only one side of the tire can cause the tire to go flat and damage the tire’s rubber structure.

Fourth, give the tires a base, which can be wood, styrofoam, cardboard or other base you have at home. The point is that the tires do not come into direct contact with cold and damp floor surfaces because this can cause the tires to deflate more quickly.

Fifth, choose a shady parking area. If the tires are continuously exposed to sunlight, the tires will become hard as a result, the tires can become slippery due to minimal traction.

Apart from that, make sure the motorbike is clean so that it doesn’t rust, empty the fuel tank to avoid the risk of fire, and remove the motorbike battery so that the battery lasts and doesn’t lose power. These are tips for keeping your motorbike tires from going flat even if you park them for a long time.

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