Saturday 23 December 2023

Honda Recalls 2.5 Million Vehicles Due to Fuel Pump Problems


Honda Motor America is recalling more than 2.5 million vehicles due to fuel pump problems that can cause the car’s engine to suddenly stop.

Based on documents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the fuel pump used on a number of Honda products is not installed properly.

“Low density impeller which can damage and disrupt the fuel pump over time,” said the regulator, quoted Friday (22/12/2023).

“If the fuel pump module is not functioning, the car engine may not start or stall while driving, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries,” continued NHTSA.

However, Honda said that to date it has not received any reports of accidents or injuries related to this recall.

This Japanese car manufacturer has even confirmed that it is ready to replace the fuel pumps for all vehicles for all affected models at no charge.

“Currently available replacement parts are not available in sufficient quantities for all vehicles affected by the recall. Later, owners of affected vehicles will be notified in stages,” wrote Honda.

The following is a list of Honda cars affected by fuel pump problems:

– 2018-2020 Honda Accord

– 2017-2020 Honda Accord Hybrid

– 2018-2020 Honda Civic 4D

– 2018-2020 Honda Civic 2D nbspnb sp – Honda Civic 5D 2018-2020

– Honda Civic Type R 2018-2020

– Honda Clarity PHEV 2018-2019

– Honda CR-V 2018-2020

– Honda CR-V Hybrid 2020-2020 nbspn bsp – Honda Fit 2018-2019

– Honda HR-V 2018-2020

– Acura ILX 2018-2020

– Honda Insight 2019-2020

– Acura MDX 2018-2020

– Acura MDX Hybrid 2018-2020

– Acura NSX 2017-2020

– Honda Odyssey 2018-2020

– Honda Passport 2019-2020

– Acura RDX 2018-2020

– Honda Ridgeline 2018-2020

– Ac ura RLX 2018-2020

– Acura TLX 2018-2020

At the beginning of this year, NHTSA and Honda are known to have also announced the recall of more than 106,000 Honda CR-V Hybrid production years 2020-2022 due to electrical problems.

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