Saturday 23 December 2023

This is a list of irregularities in testing procedures that have dragged down the names of Daihatsu and Toyota


Daihatsu and Toyota were hit by bad news after they were proven to have committed irregularities in testing procedures.

However, what kind of procedural irregularities were committed by Daihatsu and Toyota so that they had to stop shipping their cars in Japan and in various countries.

This problem has actually been circulating since the beginning of the year, to be precise on April 28 2023, Daihatsu made an announcement regarding procedural deviations during side crash tests on several models.

Furthermore, based on the existing findings, Daihatsu then formed an independent team to carry out a complete investigation.

As a result, on May 19 2023, Daihatsu announced that there were procedural irregularities in the crash test certification process for the Daihatsu Rocky Hybrid and Toyota Raize hybrid models.

It didn’t stop there, the independent team then continued the investigation to identify similar cases. The results found a number of indications of procedural irregularities carried out in the latest findings.

First Daihatsu was known to modify and adjust inappropriately. Where the person responsible for carrying out the test intentionally modifies or adapts the experimental vehicle or equipment not in accordance with procedures.

Second, the company made false statements. Where the person responsible for preparing the test report knowingly applies for certification by using a test report with incorrect information and providing a false report.

Lastly, Daihatsu carried out manipulation by deliberately including false information in internal test reports or falsifying test data.

As for the latest findings, the independent committee identified 174 cases consisting of 28 cases of inappropriate modification and adjustment, 143 cases of false statements, and 3 other cases of manipulation of original data.

Deviations in procedures carried out by Daihatsu also had an impact on the products marketed by Toyota, especially several twin products which were produced at the Daihatsu factory.

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