Saturday 23 December 2023

Reaching 100 Thousand Customers a Month, Bank Saqu Develops This Strategy to Advance Our Country`s Solopreneurs


Still young, productive in implementing business ideas, and wanting to be supported by financial capital to achieve success, Bank Saqu has prepared a series of features to accompany these various business fields.

Bank Saqu itself is a digital banking service from PT Bank Jasa Jakarta, born as a result of collaboration with Astra Financial–part of PT Astra International Tbk, a national company which has 274 subsidiaries, including those operating in the automotive sector, financing services, and insurance–with WeLab from Hong Kong.

Some time ago, Bank Saqu managed to reach 100 thousand customers in a month. One of the factors for this success is the positive contribution from the SEMASAQU activity, Solopreneur Market which will be held 8-10 December 2023, which is in line with the needs of Bank Saqu’s target market.

Willy Apriando, Head of Marketing Bank Jasa Jakarta and Gunawan, Co-Founder While visiting several local brands participating in SEMASAQU: Solopreneur Market [Bank Saqu] Quoted from the official release of Bank Saqu as received by , Bank Saqu’s success in reaching customers in time less than one month since launch is attributed to a number of factors that differentiate Saqu Bank in the banking industry.

”We are very proud to see the positive response from the community and the significant growth in the number of customers in a short time. “Thank you to all our early adopters and the Indonesian people with a solopreneur spirit who have trusted and chosen Bank Saqu as their financial service,” said Leo Koesmanto, President Director of Bank Jasa Jakarta.

“This achievement strengthens our belief that this approach Customer-centricity combined with innovation and a financial service experience that is not only safe and easy, but also fun to use, is the key to success in the digital banking landscape. “This is in line with our vision to advance Indonesia through digital banking transformation,” he continued.

Pevita Pearce in the Q and A session as Bank Saqu Brand Ambassador at the launch of Bank Saqu [/CNR ukirsari]. According to him, Bank Saqu’s rapid growth in a short time reflects the extraordinary potential  for solopreneurs  and the productive generation in Indonesia.

In the future, Bank Saqu will continue to focus on improving services, expanding programs and features to reach more customers throughout Indonesia. 

“This achievement shows that Bank Saqu “not just a financial institution, but a partner who understands and supports the financial journey of customers and  becomes a comrade in arms for Indonesian solopreneurs,” stressed Leo Koesmanto.

Apart from SEMASAQU–a creative marketplace for local brands created by solopreneurs–which made a positive contribution to the number of customer growth, this achievement was also achieved due to Bank Saqu’s innovative approach, which was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of solopreneurs who want financial services that are unique to them. easy, safe, and fun. This shows Saqu Bank’s role in supporting small businesses and people who have a solopreneur spirit.

Bank Saqu targets the younger generation, especially solopreneurs in Indonesia, including small business owners, freelancers and permanent employees with additional work. This segment is proactively looking for ways to grow, save more, invest more, or even take out loans for productive endeavors, to achieve more positive things in the future.

Looking at data on the number of Saqu Bank users, as many as 70 percent are community members who work as solopreneurs. This shows that the presence of Bank Saqu has gained enthusiasm in providing support for solopreneurs in utilizing digital banking services.

This number also reflects Bank Saqu’s adaptability in meeting the needs of various customers, including those operating in the solopreneur sector. In this way, Bank Saqu is not only a practical choice for the general public, but provides the latest solutions for independent business actors.

Features like Tabungmatic and Saku Booster are favorite features used by many Saqu Bank users. This feature is unique because users can form a habit to start saving regularly quickly and easily. With this feature, customers can automatically save the difference in transactions when using QRIS.

These savings will be added to the Booster Pocket, a special pocket for storing all cashback that customers get from transactions using Saqu Bank. Customers can get cashback on Saku Booster with a higher interest rate of up to 10 percent per year with terms and conditions applicable.

Saqu Bank’s flagship feature that is in line with the needs of solopreneurs [Astra Financial] Apart from the two features above, the Busposito feature also received high enthusiasm from the public. Busposito is a deposit product in Indonesia that relies on the strength of the community.

In this feature, customers can

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