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Inspector General Karyoto`s educational history and Metro Jaya Police Chief`s successful career path


Inspector General Karyoto or Inspector General Karyoto is currently being discussed by the public. The reason is that the Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief is said to have ordered the investigative team to forcibly pick up the former Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri if he again fails to appear during the next investigation. This is the profile and educational history of Inspector General Karyoto.

Previously, Inspector General Karyoto stated that if Firli was again absent from the inspection after rescheduling, then his party would carry out a forced pick-up. Because of this statement, quite a few people are curious about the figure of Inspector General Karyoto, especially regarding his educational history.

Brief Profile and Educational History of Inspector General Karyoto 

Inspector General Karyoto’s full name is Inspector General Pol. Karyoto, S.I.K., M.H. This is a man born in Pemalang on October 27 1968. Inspector General Karyoto has a wife named Linna Iskandar Karyoto. From that marriage, the two of them were blessed with two children, the first child was a dentist named Lutfhianisa Putri Karlina, while the second child was named Keanu Yusuf Umar.

Inspector General Karyoto graduated from the Police Academy in 1990 and he has experience in the field of investigation. However, regarding other educational history, it is not known for certain, whether from elementary to high school from Inspector General Karyoto.

Inspector General Karyoto’s Career Journey 

Currently Inspector General Karyoto is serving as Metro Jaya Police Chief replacing the previous position of Inspector General Fadil Imran. Previously, Inspector General Karyoto had also held a strategic position in the Bhayangkara Corps.

Inspector General Karyoto is recorded as having been Ketapang Police Chief in 2008, then as Head of Subdivision Infodata Kominter Set NCB Interpol in 2009, then as Principal Investigator of TK. II Dit III/Kor And WCC Bareskrimu Polri in 2010, then as Kasubdit III Dittipidkor Bareskrim Polri in 2011, and as Kapolresta Barelang in 2012. 

Not only that, Inspector General Karyoto also became Ditreskrimum Polda DIY in 2014 , then as an Intermediate Policy Analyst in the Special Investigation and Criminal Investigation Division of the National Police in 2015, and also served as Director of BNN’s International Network Breaking Analyst in 2016-2017. He then held the position as Main Policy Analyst for the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit in 2018. 

Inspector General Karyoto’s career became increasingly flashy after he was appointed to serve as Deputy Chief of Police for North Sulawesi in 2018. Not long after, in 2019 he was appointed Deputy Chief of Police for D.I. Yogyakarta. Until 2023, he was appointed Metro Jaya Police Chief, after previously serving as Deputy for Corruption Eradication in 2020.

Meanwhile, until now there is no information regarding who Inspector General Karyoto’s parents are and their family tree. It is known that Karyoto is quite secretive regarding his family, so his complete educational history and family tree of Inspector General Karyoto are not yet known.

That was a review regarding the profile and educational history of Inspector General Karyoto. Hope it is useful!

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