Monday 25 December 2023

Seeing the Business Owned by Citra Insani, Crazy Rich Makassar, Mrs. Gonzalo Al-Ghazali, Who Is Matched to Fuji


Fujianti Utami alias Fuji was recently known to have visited the house of Crazy Rich from Makassar, Citra Insani. The video of his visit immediately went viral, especially when Fuji met Citra Insani’s son, Gonzalo Al-Ghazali.

This is because Fuji looked embarrassed when he met Gonzali A-Ghazali. This moment also made the two of them immediately matched by fans. Some fans think that Fuji and Citra Insani’s son are very handsome and look very compatible.

Not only is Gonzalo Al-Ghazali considered suitable and handsome, he is also not an ordinary figure. This is because Citra Insani’s mother was a great businesswoman. Citra Insani is known to have various entrepreneurs who are the source of his wealth.

His business also covers various different industrial fields. To find out more, here are several businesses owned by Citra Insani.

1. Skincare business

Citra Insani is known to have a business that focuses on body care, aka skincare. His business is called Bebwhite C BBC. The various products it sells range from body lotion, body wash, collagen, serum, and various others.

2. Skincare business 2

Not just a second skincare with a different name. This skincare business is called Insani. Not much different from previous skincare, this brand also has various products such as cream, serum, facial cleanser, and others.

3. Beauty clinic business

Not only skincare, Citra Insani is also known to have a business in the beauty sector called Bebwhite C. This beauty clinic also offers various treatments for customers such as peeling, blackdoll, and others.

4. Mercon Meatballs

Another business owned by Citra Insani is in the culinary sector. Citra Insani has a food business called Cafe Bakso Mercon BBC Makasar. This restaurant serves various menus with firecracker chili sauce. One menu that is also much sought after is meatballs.

5. Travel business

A business that is also a source of wealth is in the travel sector. Business under the name Insani Alraf Alkubaisy Travel. His business provides flight services for Hajj and Umrah for customers.

Those are some of the businesses owned by Citra Insani. Regarding his son Gonzalo Al-Ghazali and Fuji, netizens have also been matched by netizens after their meeting.

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