Tuesday 26 December 2023

Jennifer Jill`s electricity bill surpasses Rafi Ahmad`s. What are the sources of the Sultan of Ancol`s wealth?


Jennifer Jill’s name has recently been in the spotlight after she admitted that she was shocked to learn that the average electricity bill was IDR 500 thousand. The reason is, all this time he knew that his electricity bill was expensive, up to tens of millions.

In her statement, Jennifer Jill said that monthly electricity costs can reach IDR 90 million. However, because it was too high, he also tried to reduce his electricity costs to IDR 60 million.

“90 (million). I’ve reduced it (to) 60 (million),” he said on YouTube KOPNUSPOS which went viral again recently,

The price of electricity was quite surprising because it turned out to be very high. In fact, Jennifer Jill’s electricity costs are far from those of Sultan Andara, aka Raffi Ahmad’s family. Meanwhile, Raffi Ahmad himself is known to have spent around Rp. 20 million to Rp. 30 million on electricity.

Thus, Jennifer Jill’s electricity costs are twice as high as Raffi Ahmad’s. However, this is also not surprising because Jennifer Jill is known to have abundant assets.

The Adjunct Officer’s husband is known to have various well-known businesses which make his wealth endless. Moreover, the wealth she obtained from the inheritance of her late husband, businessman and professional racer Maxwell Armand.

After he died, the business was managed by Jennifer Jill and her three children, namely Philo Paz Armand, Jethro Jevo Armand, and Abisya. So what business does Jennifer Jill run? Check out some of his businesses below.

Jennifer Jill with her late first husband Maxwell Armand Oktoselja 1. Coal mining business

Jennifer Jill’s business which was inherited by Maxwell Armand was coal mining. One of Max Armand’s businesses is PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhub. This is a coal mining company located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This business generates extraordinary income. Now this coal mining business is also managed by Maxwell Armand’s children.

2. Automotive business

As a racer, her late husband was also known to have a business in the automotive sector. Jennifer Jil and her children now continue her automotive business.

3. Air charter business

Jennifer Jill and her children are known to own a number of private planes. Meanwhile, the private plane was finally rented out to increase his income.

4. Culinary business and nightclubs

Jennifer Jill is also known to be involved in the culinary business. It has several restaurants as well as ginger iced drinks. On the other hand, he also has a nightclub where people can party.

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