Thursday 21 December 2023

Junior Roberts` girlfriend with Sandrinna Michelle, who is 7 years younger, does this include child grooming?


The romantic relationship between Sandrinna Michelle and Junior Roberts is currently in the spotlight because their dating style is considered excessive. Sandrina’s mother, Purwanti Skornicki, even openly stated that she did not approve of her son dating the 23 year old actor.

Purwanti also revealed Sandrina and Roberts’ dating style, which often goes in and out of the apartment. Apart from that, his son also often skips prayers, does not fast, and likes to eat haram food.

Meanwhile on social media there is also a lot of discussion that Roberts’ actions in dating Sandrina include child grooming. The reason is, Sandrina herself is still a minor, namely 16 years old. Meanwhile, Roberts is an adult aged 23 years.

What exactly is child grooming?

Quoting Suzanne Ost’s explanation in her writing, child grooming is the act of courting or making a minor a friend for sexual purposes.

This term appears because a minor does not yet have mature thinking to give consent or agreement to have sexual intercourse.

Grooming actors or also known as groomers are adults who usually have charisma and higher authority. The perpetrator uses this charisma and authority as a foundation to control the victims so that they will comply with the groomer’s requests.

The child himself will feel that the groomer has had a positive impact on him.

Apart from manipulating for sexual purposes, generally perpetrators of child grooming also deliberately carry out psychological violence or play with emotions. This triggers a mental decline in the child who becomes a victim of child grooming.

So, what makes it difficult for children to escape from child grooming perpetrators?

This is because child grooming perpetrators usually have the ability to build connections and trust with the child and their family over a long period of time. From weeks to even years.

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