Thursday 21 December 2023

Make your New Year`s holiday resolution a pocket-friendly one, here are 4 tips


The moment of welcoming the New Year is often accompanied by various resolutions, including the target of going on holiday to your dream destination. However, budget constraints often limit the determination to make it happen immediately.

Traveler Trends airasia MOVE (Superapp) 2023 reports that price is a determining factor in travelers’ preferences. Moreover, the existence of promos and loyalty programs is also a stimulus that influences transaction decisions.

This can be seen in 74% of users who choose hotels ranging in price from IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1.3 million. Apart from that, users also optimize the benefits of points for purchasing flight tickets and hotel reservations.

At the end of 2023, airasia Superapp (airasia MOVE) also shares tips for realizing holiday resolutions in the new year that are pocket-friendly.

1. Set spending priorities

Buying souvenirs as a souvenir may not seem expensive. But it has the potential to become a source of uncontrolled spending, if done without restrictions.

Make a priority scale when shopping for essential things to avoid impulse purchases. A little advice, prioritize your budget allocation to explore tourist attractions or culinary delights that can only be found in that destination. Guaranteed, your holiday experience will be much more memorable!

2. Choose accommodation that can be accessed by various modes of transportation

Choose accommodation that can be accessed by various modes of transportation. That way, you can adjust your transportation choices to your budget.

If you plan to go on holiday to Bali, Malaysia or Thailand, the AirAsia Ride online taxi service is available for transportation to and from the airport. Users can enjoy various profitable promos, as well as take advantage of the ‘Scheduled Order’ feature which can be used across cities or countries.

3. Looking for bundling packages

Compared to booking hotels and plane tickets separately, choosing ‘bundling’, as offered in the Airasia MOVE SNAP package is considered more economical and practical.

This package combines the lowest air ticket prices from various well-known global airlines with the best hotel rates in one booking. Apart from offering cheaper prices of up to 30%, SNAP also provides an increasingly practical experience and makes it easier for users to plan their holidays.

This package will automatically calculate the number of plane tickets and hotel rooms according to the number of people you enter. Then, the system will sort airline options, flight schedules and hotels. Of course, this package is very helpful for holiday planning, especially if traveling with a large family.

4. Take advantage of the loyalty program

The ultimate strategy for a budget vacation is optimizing the benefits of loyalty points. Similar to credit card miles, the AirAsia Rewards integrated loyalty program makes it easy for all users to collect and exchange AirAsia points for every transaction in the application, as well as converting points from bank platforms and other partners.

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