Friday 22 December 2023

Just released yesterday, the Honda EM1 e already has a MotoGP livery display


PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially released their new motorbike on Thursday (21/12/2023). The motorbike is the Honda EM1 e.

This motorbike was presented as Honda’s visionary innovative step in developing the electric motorbike business in the Indonesian market.

This Honda electric motorbike is sold for IDR 33 million, after receiving a subsidy discount from the government of IDR 7 million.

The Honda EM1 e electric motorbike is available in several color choices, namely Innovative White (white); Matte Black (black) and Smart Red (red).

Meanwhile, the EM1 e: PLUS is available in Excellent Matter Silver (silver).

Honda Em1 with Repsol Honda livery (motosaigon) Now, a new color choice has appeared with a MotoGP livery that says Repsol Honda Team.

This was revealed on the Repsol Media page which was rewritten by Vietnamese media, Motosaigon. Repsol writing can be seen on the side with a white and orange color that is typical of MotoGP.

With this appearance, of course a MotoGP-style sensation will radiate to the rider himself. It is possible that AHM will issue a Repsol Honda-style livery for sale to consumers in the future.

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