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Michael Schumacher in Memories of Mamma Rosella Giannini: Wants to Make Sure Sebastian Vettel Feels at Home in Ferrari


Every time the Christmas holidays approach, the feelings of fans of the seven-time Formula 1 (F1) World Champion, Michael Schumacher are usually filled with sadness. So did those closest to him, some who knew him in Italy and were with him in everyday life.

Their memories are brought up by the German racer’s ice skiing accident, with the physical result being that he became a different figure after being in a coma for months.

Montana Restaurant is a dining place frequented by F1 people, especially racers, which is located in the heart of Maranello, very close to Fiorano, Ferrari’s iconic test track. Not just a place to eat, this is the meeting place for racing champions with their crews, managers and sponsors, making this place as legendary as the land jet racing circuit in Italy.

Museo Ferrari Maranello, a museum dedicated to Ferrari land jets including Michael Schumacher’s ride [Shutterstock]. Montana Restaurant’s proximity to Fiorano makes this location an informal meeting place, where race strategy is discussed amidst delicious Italian fare and wins are celebrated with toasts in the here. It’s no surprise that the entire walls of this dining establishment are decorated with photos and memorabilia, telling the untold story of Ferrari’s past.

Mamma Rosella Giannini is the owner and direct manager of Montana Restaurant, where the emphasis of the menu served is a variety of traditional Italian dishes made from fresh, locally produced ingredients. From homemade pasta to fine meat and poultry dishes, prepared with the same care and passion as the way Ferrari prepares its production cars and racing rides.

Quoted from The Judge 13, until now, Rossella Giannini–who is familiarly called Mamma Rossella by F1 drivers, the F1 community, and even many of her regular guests–still misses Michael Schumacher. The two of them have a warm and pleasant relationship, like a big Ferrari family in this restaurant, so Michael always calls Rossella Mamma, no different from the rest of the Ferrari crew.

Over the decades, Montana Restaurant has seen many champions come and go, but its essence remains unchanged. Mamma Rossella continues to run the restaurant with the same passion and dedication, ensuring that the restaurant and its relationship with Ferrari remain alive. He hopes that the memories of the dishes he made will be able to revive the spirit of a champion, namely Michael Schumacher, who touched the lives of many people both on and off the track.

Ten years after Schumacher’s accident, Mamma Rossella Giannini reflects on the passage of time and how she accepted Schumacher’s condition–one of Michael Schumacher’s nicknames–in a state of resignation. He no longer dwells on sadness, but chooses to remember the beautiful moments he experienced with the legendary F1 world champion.

Mamma Rossella’s fond memories are proof of the influence Michael Schumacher had on those around him, both as a champion racer and as a person.

In the fall of 2013, Rossella Giannini saw Schumacher for the last time before his tragic ski accident. He has this special memory, because Michael Schumacher invited Sebastian Vettel, the four-time F1 World Champion who changed teams and joined the Scuderia Ferrari team.

“He wanted to make sure Vettel felt welcome at Ferrari, and introduced him to the hospitality of the Montana Restaurant,” explained Rossella Giannini, while adding the closeness between Schumacher and Seb – Sebastian Vettel’s nickname.

In that simple way, Michael Schumacher invited everyone close to him to dine at Mamma Rossella’s place. This is a personal and touching perspective on the legacy of Michael Schumacher.

Seven-time F1 World Champion trophy parade, Michael Schumacher. [AFP] After Michael Schumacher’s coma and current condition, Mamma Rossella protects the Schumacher family’s privacy with deep sensitivity. There were no questions from him about the health condition of one of his regular dining guests to the Schumacher family.

Even if her curiosity was aroused, Mamma Rossella chose to ask her many connections at Ferrari. However, he still does it carefully and doesn’t force it.

Mamma Rossella Giannini chose to remember Michael Schumacher when he was healthy, fit, full of happiness, surrounded by the crew, manager and the entire Scuderia Ferrari team celebrating victory after victory which made the whole of Maranello jam with the joy of success.

Merry Christmas, Mamma Rossella Giannini and the entire Montana Restaurant crew!

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