Wednesday 20 December 2023

List of 11 Free Toll Roads Throughout the 2024 Christmas Holidays


The government through the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) will provide access to 11 toll roads for free during the 2024 Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays.

Where the Transportation Policy Agency of the Ministry of Transportation has predicted a significant increase at the end of 2023 which will be dominated by private cars, most of whom choose toll road access.

It is estimated that private car users will dominate the roads with 35 percent of total mobility or around 39.97 million people.

Meanwhile, motorbike users are predicted to reach 17 percent or 20.14 million people.

Meanwhile, users of public transportation facilities during the Christmas holidays will vary, but cannot exceed 13 percent.

Apart from the increase in traffic flow during the Christmas holiday, the following is information regarding 11 toll roads that will be made free by the government.

The 11 toll road sections are spread across a number of areas on the islands of Java and Sumatra, including toll road sections that do not yet have fees.

Register for Free Tolls During Christmas

– 8.5 kilometers long on the Jakarta Cikampek II South Toll Road, Kutanegara-Sadang Functional) – 13 kilometers long on the Solo-Yogyakarta-NYIA Toll Road, Kartasura-Karanganom (functional) – 71 kilometers long on Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Toll Road (functional)- 25 kilometers long on the Bangkinang-Tanjung Alai Toll Road (functional)- 19 kilometers long on the Binjai-Langsa Toll Kuala Bingai-Tanjung Pura Section (functional)- 3.2 kilometers long on the Toll Road Makassar New Port access (stages 1 and 2) (functional) – Indralaya-Prabumulih toll road 64.5 kilometers long (not yet priced) – Stabat-Kuala Bingai toll road 8 kilometers long (not yet priced) – Indrapura-Limapuluh toll road 15 kilometers long ( not yet priced) – Tebing Tinggi-Indrapura Toll Road 26.23 kilometers long (not yet priced) – Sigli-Banda Aceh Toll Road Section 5-6 Blang Bintang-Baitussalam Section 12.7 kilometers long (not yet priced).

This is the list of free toll roads that people can pass during the 2024 Christmas holiday.

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