Wednesday 20 December 2023

Want to use Azizah Salsha`s endorsement services? The rate is equivalent to 1 motorbike


The income of Pratama Arhan’s wife, Azizah Salsha, has become a question among netizens. At the age of 20, he has quite an extraordinary income.

Judging from the Social Blade upload, the woman who is often called Zize is able to earn millions of Rupiah per month via her YouTube.

With a number of followers of up to 308 thousand accounts, Zize is estimated to earn IDR 1.7 million to IDR 27.9 million every month.

But Zize’s income doesn’t stop there. He also opened endorsement services to the public. The rates are no joke, you can buy a new motorbike.

This was revealed by an online clothes seller on the TikTok account @vaniaranny_. In his confession, Zize’s fee for one endorsement can be used to buy a motorbike.

“So yesterday I updated about Azizah Salsha’s endorsement, then there were several people who asked about the feedback, what the budget was. “I will spill on this video,” said the account.

Pratama Arhan rides Azizah Salsha and mother-in-law (TikTok/_zizearho) “Previously, my budget was above IDR 7 million, below IDR 10 million. So between that, yes, but not up to IDR 10 million. “But it’s not bad to be able to get one motorbike,” he explained.

Of course, with a maximum endorsement rate of IDR 10 million, you can buy a used motorbike. There are several motorbike options that can be purchased with a maximum price of IDR 10 million.

Here are some motorbikes that might be able to be purchased at this price.

1. Honda BeAT 2018 Rp. 9.5 million2. Honda Scoopy 2012 Rp. 9.2 million3. Yamaha Mio 2011 Rp. 7 million4. Suzuki Skywave 2008 Rp. 5.3 million5. 2011 Yamaha

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